TTM Wednesday? Successes From Famous Hollywood Couples! Brian May! Lucie Arnez! John Landis! Yvonne Romain! And More!

Apologies for this being slightly late! Doh! It’s part of my birthday insanity! LOL! M-


Hey Hey Autograph Hounds!  Welcome back to an all new ttm address list, another week has gone by and we are already into the second week of September.  Summer vacations are ending, celebrities are getting back to work.  Hopefully this means they are getting back to all of our fan mail waiting for them as well.

So lets get to it, and add some more letters to their piles, and piles they already have.

This week, Im hoping to double our chances, by doing a couples theme.

This first couple, I have seen quiet a few successes lately from the Mister… He is a well known Hollywood Producer of such films as Animal house, The Blues Brothers, Three Amigos and helped producer Michael Jacksons Thriller video.  What people over look, his that his wife is also a well known Hollywood costume designer, designing all our favorite outfits from the same films.  They both have had HUGE influences on our Hollywood history

John and Deborah Landis
American Werewolf Inc.
P O Box 16397
Beverly Hills, CA 90209

john landis joe dante rare promo signing autographs at dark delicacies in burbank

This next duo, is a Father/daughter success.  He is not known for any starring roles, per se, but as a Hollywood stunt double.  Mostly for his work in Robocop 1,2, and 3.  She has followed in her fathers footsteps as not only a Hollywood stunt double but has also appeared in the Walking Dead as a Walker.

Russell and Taylor Towery
3516 Barberry rd
Grapevine, TX 76051

This next Tandem, is a famous music couple, whose was mostly successful in the 1970s.  Famous for their songs, Love will keep us together, Muskrat Love.  They have even as recently as 2006, written a few songs for the Cartoon Network…

The Captain and Tennille
c/o Greenlaw
1040 Sun Wood dr
Las Vegas, NV 89145


This next duel success, you see successes from her, from time to time, she has starred in such films as The curse of the Werewolf, The evil of Frankenstein and even had a role with Elvis in Double Trouble.  What most don’t realize is, her husband is a very famous Composer of many of our favorite childhood films like Santa Claus the movie, Doctor Doolittle and the soundtrack to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory…..

Leslie Bricusse and Yvonne Romain

Leslie Bricusse and Yvonne Romain
9663 Santa Monica Blvd #8
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

This next Hollywood couple, have a family history on film.  He has starred in such films as the boys in the band, Cocktail and Star Trek V.  She grew up on camera with her mom on Here’s Lucy, she as also appeared in The Jazz Singer, and Down to You….

Laurence Luckinbill and Lucie Arnaz
38557 Maracaibo cir W
Palm Springs, CA 92264

Laurence Luckinbill and Lucie Arnaz

I don’t normally add Overseas addresses to this list, but this couple is a great couple to add to the collection.  She is an actress that has starred in the TV show Eastenders since 1985, He is an amazing Guitarist for the band Queen.
It is her Fanmail address, but if you ask very kindly, he has signed through there as well every now and then.

Anita Dobson and Brian Mays
The Anita Dobson Fan Club
11 Suez Road
Cambs, CB1 3QB

Anita Dobson and Brian Mays

Man, That is it for this week!  I really hope you liked this weeks list. And I plan on revisiting this in the future with some more fun ttm Hollywood couples.  Do you know of any I didn’t have here?  I’d love to hear about them.

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Until Next week,

TTM- Travis

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