TTM Wednesday? Successes from Billy Crystal! Bob Gale! Terry O’Quinn! Plus Stars Of Coach! The Brady Bunch! Terminator! And More!

My apologies, it’s been a crazy week here in Fanboy world! Troy was completely on time and I sadly failed to get it up! Doh! Bad Fanboy Bad! I now return you to your slightly delayed TTM Tues! M-

Hey everybody, hope everybody has been having some great mail days! Here in the US we just finished Thanksgiving and it’s a mad rush to get some sends out before Christmas in hopes they are delivered and received in a timely manner. At this point, most TV shows have probably started winding down for the holiday hiatus, but the flip-side is celebs may be going through their fan mail from the last few months and we could all have a giant mail day in time for the holidays – we can only hope!

Here’s a look at this week’s addresses, gleaned from successes posted around the Internet for the last week!

This first address is one you need to be careful on. If you get a return that just says “Best Wishes” and his signature, with a dot in the B of his name, it is probably an autopen. But some people have been getting in some apparently authentic returns so it is worth a shot – Mr. Billy Crystal!

Billy Crystal

860 Chautauqua Boulevard

Pacific Palisades, CA 90272-3801

(Again, do your research if you get a return!)

Billy Crystal signing autographs for fans Monsters university premiere marquee sign rare billy crystal

This next celebrity makes the list of best signers every year (and just might again). You know him by his breakout role as BJ Hunnicut on MASH, and… well, what else can I say?  He sometimes includes a bonus item as well – Mr. Mike Farrell!

Mike Farrell

11333 Moorpark St., #509,

Studio City, CA 91602

mike farrell signed autograph playbill rare promo mash star rare

You’ve recently seen this celebrity on Gotham and the TV series The Blacklist. He also did a lot of different characters on the original Late Night With Conan O’Brien – Mr. Stink Fisher!

Stink Fisher

C/O The Pop Shop

729 Haddon Ave.

Collingswood, NJ.08108

stink fisher hot photo

Our playbill for this week includes such cast members as Justin Guarini, David Abeles, Erin Mackey and others. It looks like this one goes at least until April, but cast members change, so get your request in soon for the cast of In Transit! There is no mention of a donation request from the show.

In Transit

Circle In The Square Theater

235 W 50th Street

New York, NY 10019

In transit playbill

A long return reported on a popular autograph site for this star of the TV series Parenthood, Coach and too many movies to list including The Incredibles, The Skulls, Poltergeist and more – Mr. Craig T Nelson!

Craig T Nelson

c/o Forward Entertainment

9255 Sunset Blvd.

Ste. 805

Los Angeles, CA 90069

ryan reynolds malin akerman betty white craig t nelson signed autograph the proposal rare mini movie poster promo

This next actor appeared in Planet of the Apes, First Kid, The Devil Wears Prada and more! I’ve seen a few returns from this actor recently – Mr. James Naughton!

James Naughton

127 Valley Forge Rd.

Weston, CT 06883

James Naughton shirtless planet of the apes

This is the first time I have seen this actor pop up on my radar except for a few set-address successes. I knew him from Star Trek The Next Generation, but the world knows him from his roles in The Rocketeer, Tombstone, Young Guns, All The Right Moves and.. oh yeah, Lost.  Mr. Terry O’Quinn!

Terry O’Quinn

128 66th St

Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Terry O’Quinn lost alias star signing autographs for fans 666 park avenue rare john locke hot promo abc series

We lost a great signer this past week with the passing of Florence Henderson of The Brady Bunch. Another star of the show is signing strong from his venue in Branson, Missouri – Mr. Barry Williams!

Barry Williams

C/O Americana Theatre

2905 W. Highway 76

Branson Mo. 65616

barry williams rare greg brady promo press still from The Brady bunch hot sexy sexy greg brady hot rare shirtless

Fans of the Back to the Future movies will want to take note on this one – the writer of the films, Bob Gale, has been returning items signed ranging from  7-80 days!

Bob Gale
c/o APA
405 S. Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90212


Finally this week, you probably remember this actor as Eddie Furlong’s foster-dad Todd in Terminator 2, but he also had roles in The Walking Dead (Gregory), 24, CSI and more, Mr. Xander Berkeley!

Xander Berkeley

c/o Affirmative Entertainment

425 N Robertson Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90048


That’s it for this week, TTM Fans! Keep on graphing!

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