TTM Tues! Classic Sitcom Week With Charlotte Rae! Gavin Macleod! Plus Jonathan Papelbon! Gotham Season 2 Filming Address and More!

Hey there TTM fans! Welcome to the 2nd column in this beautiful month of March! Hope everybody is starting to thaw out if you’ve been snow-covered for the last few months! Here in Southern California we had a good night of thunder and lightning Monday morning – a rarity to be sure!

But enough about the weather, let’s get into this week’s TTM Tuesday addresses, gleaned from everybody’s success on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and the entire interweb! Let’s get started!

A couple of weeks ago we talked about the ship’s Doctor, Bernie Kopell. Well, a ship can’t sail without her Captain, so set a course for adventure as Gavin Macleod, the legendary stage and screen star who made the name Captain Stubing famous, has been returning some nice successes recently!

Gavin Macleod
70070 Frank Sinatra Dr, Apt 7
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270-2538

gavin macleod LoveBoat The-Love-Boat-the-love-boat-33326936-1024-768 2

Whatchu talkin’ ‘bout Mrs. G? We’re talking about some great successes for one of the most popular character actresses ever – Charlotte Rae! For years she entertained audiences on both The Facts of Life and Diff’rent Strokes, not to mention countless other TV shows, movies and more!

Charlotte Rae
10790 Wilshire Blvd #903
Los Angeles, CA 90024-4448

Charlotte Rae signed autograph facts of life cast photo mindy cohen Nancy McKeon

Get those Canadian stamps ready! Don’t have any? You can order them online from the Canadian Post – very handy! This next celebrity was in Saw IV as Derek, and on the TV show The 100 as Jasper. You probably know him through his band Loded Diper in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Devon Bostick!

Devon Bostick
c/o Noble Caplan Agency
1260 Yonge Street, 2nd Floor
Toronto, ON M4T 1W6

devon bostwick signed autograph photo rare

I haven’t had any successes with this next address, but others seem to be. The season stops filming in late March so get your requests in to any of the actors in Gotham, especially Sean Pertwee at:

Gotham Season 2
Steiner Studios
15 Washington Ave., Suite 3140
Brooklyn, NY 11205


As his famous saying goes, “Holy Crap!” (is that OK to say here?) Kurtwood Smith of That 70’s Show, Star Trek, and countless other roles just returned an item in 1000 days, but he has a pretty good response rate overall – definitely worth a try!

Kurtwood Smith
1146 N. Central Ave. #521
Glendale, CA 91202

kurtwood smith fan photo selfie Resurrection q and a tv academy kurtwood smith frances fisher 8

We don’t feature sports personalities very often here on Mike The Fanboy, but I personally got a success last week that seemed to shock the card TTM world. He previously played on the Phillies where he was known to get in skirmished with his teammates. Now on the Washington Nationals, he has been returning TTMs instead of his usual preprint. Try this one before the regular season starts!

Jonathan Papelbon
c/o Washington Nationals
Space Coast Stadium
5800 Stadium Parkway
Melbourne, FL 32940

Jonathan Papelbon signed autograph card psa

A final note this week – it is really great seeing people post on the Internet and Instagram when one of the addresses here sparked a success for you. Please keep letting us know how you are doing!

Until next week!


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