TTM Tues! Addresses For The Stars Of The Walking Dead! Pretty Little Liars! The Love Boat! Jessica Biel! And More!

Hey hey, TTM Fans! TTM Troy here with the weekly TTM Tuesday here on Mike the Fan Boy! Curated from the latest successes from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and around the Internet – these addresses are sure to up your chances for a great return!

Our first address is the director of Wishmaster 3 and Wishmaster 4 – two straight-to-video installments of the popular Wishmaster series of films. He is also an accomplished short film director. Not to be confused with the magician, Mr. Chris Angel.

Chris Angel
6314 Colgate Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90048

wishmaster 3 poster

There have been reports over the years this next celebrity has used pre-prints for some of their returns, but many look legit. The ones that are returned come back in between 300 to 540 days (ouch) but if you have seen the film Bring it On: In It To Win It, or the TV series Pretty Little Liars, then Ashley Benson should definitely be on your list!

Ashley Benson
C/O Ashley Benson Fan Mail
5753-G East Santa Ana Canyon Rd. #534
Anaheim Hills, CA.92807

pretty little liars cast photo rare promo lucy hale Ravenwood pretty little liars spinoff series rare logo rare promo

This next address is one that has zero successes, but I have been following the opening of Au Fudge, a new “kid friendly” restaurant in West Hollywood by 7th Heaven and Total Recall actress Jessica Biel. Worth a shot! NOTE: She has historically used pre-prints so I too am curious of her response here.

Jessica Biel
C/O Au Fudge
9010 Melrose Ave
West Hollywood, CA 90069

2010 MTV Movie Awards - Arrivals

There may be Something About Mary, but there’s something about W. Earl Brown as well – he’s a great signer! He portrayed Warren in the film, and is also known from Deadwood, The Lone Ranger, Scream and more!

W. Earl Brown
Greene & Associates Talent Agency
1901 Avenue Of The Stars, Suite 130
Los Angeles, CA 90067


I love this next address and I already have a request out! You may have seen him as “Reg” on The Walking Dead, but look closely in the films The Hunger Games, Anchorman 2, Taken 3, Furious 7, The Conjuring and of course as Carl in Insidious: Chapter 2… and you will see this great character actor in all of them.

Steve Coulter
c/o People Store
645 Lambert Drive
Atlanta, GA 30324


A couple of months ago I had a great return from Bernie Kopell, so I decided to set another course for adventure! Also from The Love Boat, he starred as your bartender Isaac Washington – Mr. Ted Lange!

Ted Lange
House Of Representatives
1434 6th St, Suite 1
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Love Boat cast title card 4

This actress has over 300 successes on a popular autograph-tracking website, which is impressive any way you look at it! With TV and film credits going back to 1950, including Psycho and Psycho II, Gunsmoke, The Virginian, Fantasy Island and … The Love Boat (ok, that’s weird – that was unplanned…) Ms. Vera Miles!

Vera Miles
PO Box 1599
Palm Desert, CA 92261-1599


And finally this week, another Anchorman 2 actor, but you have also seen him in Road to Perdition, The Cell, Spiderman 2 & 3, and many others. You have until June 19th to get your letter of request in to Dylan Baker via a play in New York!

Dylan Baker
‘Peer Gynt’
Classic Stage Company
136 East 13th St.
New York , NY 10003

dylan baker headshot

That is is for this week, superfans! Hope everybody has a giant mail day!


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