TTM Tues! Successes From Leah Remini! Dakota Fanning! Pat Carroll! Stacy Keach! And More!

Hey, Hey TTM fans! We are still recovering from a fun-filled weekend at Wondercon here in Los Angeles – some great cosplay, great panels and awesome vibe! Luckily the infamous “con crud” hasn’t appeared, thank goodness!

(Editor’s Note: Speak for yourself. I’m dealing with the “con crud” now! LOL M-)

Here is a list of addresses with successes from the past couple of weeks gleaned from social media and the TTM community!

We’ve mentioned this address last year here on Mike the Fanboy, but she is such a great signer we thought we would feature her again! She tends to sign only 1-2 items, so keep that in mind when writing your letter of requests!

Leah Remini
Po Box 15669
North Hollywood, CA 91615

Leah Remini from King of queens and living dolls stops to sign autographs for fans at the zookeeper world movie premiere in westwood rare living dolls rare press photo promo hot sexy king of queens

If you are willing to wait a while (ie: 150-300 days) for a solid return, look no further than the star of War of the Worlds, the Twilight Saga and more – Dakota Fanning!

Dakota Fanning
c/o Echo Lake Management
421 S. Beverly Dr. 8th Floor
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

dakota fanning signing autographs fan photo rare Effie Gray premiere london dakota fanning signing autographs 5

She has played Ursula in The Little Mermaid, House of Mouse, and Kingdom Hearts, and has a long history of TV credits in She’s the Sheriff, Designing Women, Too Close for Comfort and the classic Mickey Rooney Show – Pat Carroll is still signing strong in about 30-40 days!

Pat Carroll
14 Old Tavern Lane
Harwich Port, MA 02646-1519

queen latifah little mermaid ursula annie leibovitz walt disney portraits rare promo hot rare parks

You have not seen this next person in films or TV, but you have certainly heard him many times. He has composed the theme music to the Rocky series, Karate Kid, F/X, and several other mov-ies over the years. Academy Award winner Bill Conti!

Bill Conti
117 Fremont Place
Los Angeles, CA 90005

There has been a lot of Turtle Power happening out there with a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film! Why not get a fantastic success from the actress who portrayed April in the 1990 version! She also appeared in the cult favorite Halloweentown series of TV Movies.

Judith Hoag
c/o BRS / Gage
5757 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 659
Los Angeles, CA 90036


It took me 3 tries to get a return from this veteran actor but it was well worth it! People have re-ported anywhere from 18 days to 600+ days from the one and only Mike Hammer, Stacy Keach!

Stacy Keach
101 N Robertson Blvd, Suite 200
Beverly Hills CA 90211-2191

Stacy Keach signed autograph photo PSA 1

And to round out the list this week with some music, She had 50 Years of Country Gold re-leased in 2006 and is a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame – the legend Barbara Man-drell!

Barbara Mandrell
8 Bridleway Trail
Nashville, TN 37215

That is it for this week, autograph nation! Keep on graphing!


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