TTM Tues! Bette Midler Memories! Plus Addresses For The Stars Of Best in Show! Wayne’s World! Bohemian Rhapsody! And More!

Ah Bette Midler. The legend known as the Divine Miss M. has built a career by being part flash, part trash, and always uniquely herself. I’m a fan of her acting and live shows- I would argue that she is the greatest live performer of our generation. A true diva in every sense of the word.

And true to her diva persona, she has a reputation of being difficult when it comes to fan interactions. You’ve probably read horror stories on this site, on other forums, and maybe you’ve had your own experience with Miss M. In the late 90’s I had just got started collecting autographs, and hoped to add Bette to my collection. I had a great photo of her I wanted to get signed, and as luck would have it, she was coming through town on her “Experience the Divine” tour.

8×10 in hand, I headed to the venue. The show was brilliant, but all I could think about was getting her to sign. The show ended and I immediately headed to the backstage area where the artists and crew go in. The security guard (side note: Is it just me, or do the security people forget they are not actual enforcers of the law?) did the usual song and dance, “Bette’s not coming out, she’s sick so go home…”. I was not leaving.

There were maybe 10 of us waiting- sharing stories, talking about the concert, telling funny Bette jokes. The rent-a-cop…err.. I mean security person kept trying to encourage us to go home- reminding us that Ms. Midler would not be stopping. We ignored him and kept talking. And then it happened… a large garage style door opened and I could see a limousine with its lights on. It slowly started to come down the ramp. As the car got close to us it started to slow down.. NO WAY.. Is that a window rolling down? Is that.. Yes it was her!

I ran up to the window and there she was. She really is a tiny little lady with very small hands and a huge smile! I asked her to sign my photo and she said, “Sure-no problem”. She signed it, handed me my pen and shook my hand. I told her what a huge fan I was and that I think she is a fantastic live performer. She smiled, thanked me, signed a few more photos and drove off. So while she may have her off days, my experience with the divine could not have been Bette-er.

Who’s autograph are you wanting the most? Who’s address are you in search of? Please comment below and I’ll do my best to get an address for you. In the meantime, get out your pens, print out your photos and get ready because this week the stars are aligned:

Elliott Gould
c/o Ohigan Productions Inc.
2050 Bentley Ave.#201
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Alison Arngrim
PO Box 98
Tujunga, CA 91043-0098

Lucie Arnaz
3 Big Shop Ln #4
Ridgefield, CT 06877

Joseph Mazzello
18 Hudson Drive
Hyde Park, NY 12538-2013

Joseph Mazzello signed autograph Radio Flyer movie poster

Fred Willard
5056 Woodley Ave.
Encino, CA. 91436

Leah Remini
Po Box 15669
North Hollywood, CA 91615

Weird Al Yankovic
c/o Close Personal Friends of Al
8033 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Weird al Yankovic signed autograph UHF poster psa

Tia Carrere
5627 Kanan Rd
Agoura Hills, CA 91301-3358

Mike Myers signed autograph Wayne's World vie poster

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