TTM Tues! Successes From The Stars Of Batman! UHF! Star Trek! Better Call Saul! The Flash! Kinky Boots! And More!

Hey guys, we have a special guest doing this weeks TTM Tue! Travis who has an awesome Facebook page titled May I Have Your Autograph Please! Which you really should head on over and like if you don’t already. 

He did a great job this week, so rock on brother!

Check out the full TTM Tues below! 


Hey Everyone!  long time reader, first time writer on this week Mike the fanboys Page.  My name is Travis, you may know me from my facebook page May I Have Your Autograph Please!  Troy asked me if I was interested in writing the weekly TTM list this week, I quickly jumped on the opportunity and then felt immense pressure!  Mike, Troy, collectors – I love the weekly list!  When I started 27 yrs ago, I had to go to the library and look up addresses on microfiche. (If you’re under 30 ask your parents what that is…. lol.) The weekly list has made it easy for old and new collectors alike to get addresses from the celebrities we love!  So thank you for giving the the chance to come up with a list and share the love of collecting TTM.  Ok, Enough of the flash back, lets get to the list.

Speaking of flash, lets start with the man that has brought life into the reverse flash/Eobard Thawne and has done a wonderful job on Legends of Tomorrow. Also Cap. Harrison Love in The Mask of Zorro, and Ambassador Stevens in the movie 13 Hrs.

Matt Letscher

SAC Management 

2120 Colorado Blvd #120

Santa Monica CA 90404


The next address and musician was introduced into my life by my daughter Zoey.  Songs like Victorious, Crazy Equals Genius and Death of a Bachelor are songs played constantly in my home.  This success made my daughter’s day when his autograph was delivered to my mailbox this week. Panic at the Disco lead singer, Brendon Urie is currently on Broadway staring in Kinky Boots until August 6th.

Brendon Urie

Kinky Boots

Al Hirschfeld Theatre

302 W 45th st

new york, NY 10036

Keeping more to my taste in music, this next guy has been a HUGE influence in my life.  He was one of the first concerts I ever saw way back in 1982 at the Kentucky State Fair.  He has parodied anyone and everyone from Michael Jackson to Nirvana to Eminem.  his last album Mandatory Fun made it to #1 on the billboard charts and won Best Comedy Album at the 57 annual Grammy’s awards

Weird Al Yankovic

Close Personal friends of Al

PMB #4018

8033 Sunset Blvd

los Angeles CA 90046

One of the things that got me into autograph collecting as a kid was my parents.  Mostly, my parents love of Star Trek.  Ever year, Cincinnati would host a Star Trek convention.  These conventions would only be a one day event and host only one star from the show. OH MY, how conventions have changed.  this year I was lucky to add to my Star Trek collection from a guy I had chased for sometime now.  He was Khan’s right hand man in Star Trek Wrath of Khan and was kind to sign a photo for me and add  an additional one of his own.

Judson Scott 

PO Box 1205

Azusa CA 91702-1205

Judson Scott

Speaking of Cincinnati, being from there, I love finding celebrities that have a hometown connection.  This next lady grew up in California, but attended and graduated from the University of Cincinnati College of Music.  She started her career in New Jersey at the Papermill  playhouse staring in Ragtime, since 2004 she has also stared in Falsettos and next week takes over the spotlight from Sara Barellies in Waitress……

Betsy Wolfe


Brooks Atkinson Theatre

256 W 47th st

New York, NY 10036

Betsy Wolfe

Crossing the river from Cincinnati, this next guy attended Indiana State University where his mother was a professor.  His career then took him to work for another teacher in Albuquerque, on the hit series Breaking Bad as Mike Ehrmantraut – Jonathan Banks!

Jonathan Banks

Lovett Management

1327 Brinkley ave

Los Angeles CA 90049

To wrap up the week, I will end the list with a childhood favorite.  This next actress had sent preprints for years and as of just last week has been signing through her home address.  She starred in 9 1/2 weeks, 8 Mile and to me, will always be Vicki Vale from the movie Batman

Kim Basinger 

4833 Don Juan Pl

Woodland HIlls CA 91364-4705

Kim Basinger signed autograph photo

Everyone, I really hope you enjoy this week’s list!  It is an honor to be able to write a weekly TTM list for Mike the Fanboy’s page and BIG thank you to Troy for allowing me to fill in for him this week.  

I have been collecting since I was 12 yrs old and still love this hobby!  I have over 3000 autographs and just over 400 signed playbills.  Want to chat more?  please take a moment to follow my pages.



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