TTM Tues! Successes From The Stars Of Roseanne! Laugh In! Mork & Mindy! Garfield! And More!

Hey everybody and welcome to the first TTM Tuesday article of 2017! Hope everybody had a happy and safe New Year and that your first few days (and the rest of the year for that matter) of 2017 have your mailboxes and collecting enthusiasm full!

The New Celebrity Apprentice had its premiere on Monday night featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger and our first celebrity address. I was actually in a movie with him a few years ago called 16 to Life, but you know him from Dancing With The Stars and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. It was just announced he is co-hosting a new Game Show so this address is UNTESTED (since I found it myself), but it is a good time to try it since it is so new – Mr. Carson Kressley!

C/O Window Warriors

The Game Show Network

2150 Colorado Ave # 100

Santa Monica, CA 90404


My mind was certainly buzzing with this latest address! I admit I used to watch WWF Wrestling back in the 80s before it became WWE. And although I haven’t watched for many years, I do enjoy the occasional documentary special such as The Return of Jake The Snake Roberts or the documentaries on the Hart family. This next celebrity was active in the WWF/WWE from 1980-1988 and then continued wrestling in other organizations where he was active through 2014. Wow! He wrestled most as one half of The Killer Bees – Mr. B. Brian Blair!

Mr. Brian Blair

12702 N Boulevard

Tampa, FL 33612-4156

I promise this isn’t an athlete-centered edition of TTM Tuesday, but this next address is too good to pass up! He won the Indianapolis 500 in both 1992 and 1994, and was a force to be reckoned with in the IndyCar series as well until his retirement in 2007 – Mr. Al Unser Jr!

6539 Basket Weaver Ave. NW.,

Alburquerque, NM 87114

al unser jr

If you know what lasagna and a fat cat have in common, then you certainly know this next celebrity!  He gave birth to the character Garfield back in 1978. What started with a comic strip syndicated to 41 newspapers grew to 2,580!  Of course, I can only be talking about the one and only Mr. Jim Davis!

Jim Davis

Paws, Inc.

5440 E County Road 450 N

Albany, IN 47320-9728

This next actress rose to fame opposite Robin Williams on the TV series More & Mindy and also appeared in many more TV shows including My Sister Sam. My friend Caleb received a great success from her recently – Ms. Pan Dawber!

Pam Dawber

Wings Productions, Inc.

2236-A Encinitas Boulevard

Encinitas, CA 92024

This actor has 143 credits, including voice roles in Animaniacs, Tom & Jerry Kids Show, Yo Yogi and The Smurfs. He also starred in the wonderful 80s shows Fantasy Island and Love Boat as well as The Dukes of Hazzard. He won a Primetime Emmy Award for being on the TV show Laugh-In in 1969 – Mr. Arte Johnson!

Arte Johnson

2725 Bottlebrush Drive

Los Angeles, CA 90024

arte johnson

And finally this week – this actor was born only a few miles from where I was in Iowa and became known to audiences on the Roseanne show after marrying Roseanne Barr. After that, he has his own show, Tom, and went on to movies such as True Lies, The Stupids, Dickie Roberts and more recently a direct-to-video release Christmas Trade. I saw him in the 90s at a concert called Farm Aid where he sung the Green Acres theme song with Roseanne – Mr. Tom Arnold!

Tom Arnold

Untitled Entertainment

350 S. Beverly Dr., Suite 200

Beverly Hills, CA 90212

arnold_tom signed autograph psa

That’s it for this week! Hope everybody has a great 2017! Thank you so much for a great year, and let’s hope every day is a Giant Mail Day!  See you next year!

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