TTM Tues! Sports Edition! With Addresses For Eli Manning! Pat Neshek! Shane Vereen! Jacob Tamme! And More!

Hey there TTM Fans! TTM Troy here with a special edition of TTM Tuesday this week!  We are counting down to our annual “best signers” edition here in a couple of weeks, which also means this week is the one TTM Tuesday article of the year where I focus exclusively on sports successes! For NFL returns, its no secret I get 99% of my returns via stadium, so that means there are less than 3 weeks to get your requests to some of the names on this list before the season is over – so let’s not delay and get started!

Topping my list is a TTM and player favorite from the New York Giants. You may recognize his last name as being the same of a certain famous Denver Bronco, but he is an outstanding quarter back of his own right. He recently surpassed John Elway for the number of career touchdown passes!  This player also appeared on TV with an appearance on Battle of the Gridiron Stars – Mr. Eli Manning! (Note: he is hit-or-miss, sometimes returning a “I am busy letter” – I highly suggest hand-writing a letter and only sending one item.)

Eli Manning

c/o New York Giants

One MetLife Stadium Dr.

East Rutherford, NJ


Eli Manning signed Autograph football card PSA

This next address is for a legendary signer! Since he is a collector himself, he invites people to send anything they want signed to him, and he is always posting signatures HE is looking for as well!  Whether it is one item or 10, he promises to sign anything he can, which definitely puts him high on our list – plus he is a great player! He was traded to the Phillies from the Houston Astros – Mr. Pat Neshek!

Pat Neshek

P.O. Box 510092

Melbourne Beach, FL


Pat Neshek signed Autograph baseball card PSA

Our next signer recently came off injured reserve on December 10, but ended up being placed on the injured list again under concussion protocol after only 3 plays in a game against the Cowboys.  He was a member of the Super Bowl Champion team New England Patriots and is currently also on the NY Giants – Mr. Shane Vereen!

Shane Vereen

c/o New York Giants

One MetLife Stadium Dr.

East Rutherford, NJ


Shane Vereen signed Autograph football card PSA

My friend Christian from LSCards reported not one – but two – successes from this next player in the same week! He was a 6th round draft pick with the Raiders back in 2013 and has remained on the team since then. Mr. Latavius Murray!

Latavius Murray

c/o Oakland Raiders

7000 Coliseum Way

Oakland, CA 94621

This next return surprised me! I had written this Super Bowl champion and Second-team all Big Ten winner in September, and in November I received not only my cards signed, but also received my unused SASE since he sent me a Thanksgiving card – also signed! He played college football in Indiana and was drafted in the 2nd round of the NFL draft by the Denver Broncos – Cody Latimer!

Cody Latimer

c/o Denver Broncos

1701 Bryant St., Suite 900

Denver, CO 80204

Cody Latimer signed Autograph football card PSA

Our next address unfortunately is out for the rest of the season due to shoulder surgery recently, but I received a great success even during his recovery, so he might be catching up on his mail.   Last year he had a career high 657 yards combined in receptions. Be sure to include a get-well-soon note along with your well-wishes to Mr. Jacob Tamme!

Jacob Tamme

c/o Atlanta Falcons

4400 Falcon Parkway

Flowery Branch, GA 30542

Jacob Tamme signed Autograph football card PSA

This next success was reported by my friend Henry on YouTube and is a fun address to try! On the golf course he was affectionately known as the “Peacock of the Fairways” as his colorful attire drew attention from other players and fans alike. He currently runs an International Junior Golf Championship in his own name in Houston, Texas – Mr. Doug Sanders!

Doug Sanders

C/O Sanders International Junior Gold Championships

1311 Nantucket Drive

Houston, TX 77057

Every time this next team plays my friend Jim posts a resounding “Go Pack Go” on Facebook. Actually, a lot of my friends do! While their season this year has been somewhat disappointing to most, I have received more returns from them this year than any other year I’ve been trying. Our next address has been injured a bunch over the past year but had a good mis-season route, Mr. Jeff Janis!

Jeff Janis

c/o Green Bay Packers

P.O. Box 10628

Green Bay, WI 54307-0628

And finally this week, this next baseball player always seems to embrace his nick name. He is one of the rare players who played all nine positions during his time in major league baseball.  After his career he went into broadcasting, where he got into trouble several times for making insensitive remarks about players – and fans – during the games he covered. As a player, he was nicknamed “psycho” due to his on-field antics, which included playing tic-tac-toe and hangman with his spikes in the infield dirt. Of course we can only be talking about Steve Lyons!

Steve Lyons

301 2nd St

Hermosa Beach, CA


Steve Lyons signed Autograph Baseball card PSA

That’s it for this week, TTM Fans! I hope you enjoyed this rare sports-centered edition of TTM Tuesday! We will be back to normal next week and then have our annual Best Signers edition the final Tuesday of the year! Look for more entertainment successes from me in 2017 and hopefully all of us can look forward to a Giant Mail Day soon!

TTM Troy

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