TTM Tues! Tips For New Collectors! Plus Successes From The Stars Of Rocky Horror! Escape From New York! And More!

Thank you to one of our readers for reaching out and asking about collecting autographs TTM (Through the Mail). If you are brand new to collecting- here are some tips to get you going.

Research the celebrity you are wanting. There are many websites dedicated to autograph collecting. Find out the signing habits of a celebrity before you send anything, and remember that there is no guarantee your item will come back, so don’t send it unless you are ok with possibly never seeing it again.
If you are going to collect through the mail, there are some things you’ll need:

1. Photo of celebrity you are sending to. Many people print them out (using google images), order them off eBay or have them professionally printed. It’s up to you. Some companies like Walgreens and others may not print copyright images.

2. 2 envelopes (usually 9×12): One for you to send to the celebrity, and one for the celebrity to send your photo back in. Make sure to address your return envelope.

3. Stamps; Make sure you put stamps on both envelopes.

4. Paper to write your letter.

Write a letter. I hand write every letter, but many others like to type a letter. Either way, keep it short (one page or less). Tell the celeb what they mean to you and talk from your heart. Make sure to ask the celeb for the autograph.
Include something for them to sign.

Include a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) to make it simple for the celebrity to sign, and pop your photo in the return envelope.
Include a piece of cardboard (or something relatively hard) so your photo doesn’t get bent.
Write “Photo do not bend” on both the envelope going to the celeb, and your return envelope.
Wait. Most celebs return an autograph in 1-3 months. If you don’t hear anything after 6-8 months, try again.

Ready to try your hand at autograph collecting? Awesome! PLEASE let us know how you did. Here are some addresses of celebs who have been signing through the mail recently. Good luck!

Rita Moreno
2625 Alcatraz Avenue # 326
Berkeley, CA 94705-2702

Adrienne Barbeau
c/o Arlene Thornton & Associates
12711 Ventura Boulevard, #490
Studio City, CA 91604

Kathy Najimy
200 Park Avenue South
8th Floor
New York New York 10003

Jon Voight
9660 Oak Pass Road
Beverly Hills,CA 90210-1232

Selma Blair
c/o Wishlab
1601 Vine St, 7th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Wes Studi
113 Arroyo Hondo Trl
Santa Fe, NM 87508

Peter Hinwood
c/o Peter Hinwood Limited
33 Great Cumberland Place
United Kingdom

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