TTM Tues! Successes From Trisha Yearwood! Paula Deen! Plus The Stars Of E/R! Revenge Of The Nerds! Gunsmoke! And More!

Hey there TTM Nation!  TTM Troy here with another TTM Tuesday containing my personal recommendations for celebrities who have been showing some great returns! As always, these addresses have been selected using a variety of online sources from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and around the Internet – thanks to everybody for continuing to help out the community by posting your successes – you rock!

Anything Disney is always great to get back, and a success from this actor is no different. His TV credits go back to 1947, with his most prolific years being the 1960s with roles in Batman, Combat!, The Munsters, Lassie, Gunsmoke and others. Early in his career he lent his voice to a Disney classic, although he remained uncredited in the film! He has had a long and distinguished career in front of the camera and behind the mic in voiceovers, including playing Prince Charming in Cinderella – Mr. William Phipps!

William Phipps

PO Box 6036

Malibu, CA


William Phipps

This political figure served as the 46th Vice President of the United States under George W. Bush.  Burn in Lincoln, Nebraska, he also served as the Secretary of Defense under George H W Bush. In 2011 he published a memoir entitled “My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir” – Mr. Dick Cheney!

Dick Cheney

American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research

1150 Seventeenth Street, N.W.

Washington, DC 20036

This actor has 148 TV and Film credits dating back to his 1983 on-screen debut in the film Risky Business. But it was his second film that propelled him into the spotlight at “Booger” in Revenge of the Nerds!  Curtis Armstrong!

Curtis Armstrong

3867 Shannon Rd.

Los Angeles, CA 90027

Revenge of the Nerd is autographed by Curtis Armstrong

This actress had a relatively short career with roles in the TV series Medical Center, Daniel Boone, Marcus Welby MD and Columbo. She also portrayed the title character in the 1970s series Isis, Ms. Joanna Cameron!

Joanna Cameron

P.O. Box 1208

Kapaau, HI 96755

Joanna Cameron

This actor has a major part in one of the hottest movies around right now – Logan. You may have also seen him recently on the TV series Angie Tribeca and Under the Dome. His most famous role however was on 171 episodes of the show ER as Dr. Peter Benton – Mr. Eriq LaSalle!

c/o Rogers & Cowan PR

1840 Century Park East, 18th Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90067-2119Eriq LaSalle

I mentioned some great returns from this next celebrity in my book “Autograph Collecting Secrets” and it is great to see she is still signing up a storm! She is best known as a cooking host where she used to encourage the use of lots and lots of butter! Currently her “Positively” show is doing great in the ratings. I have seen items come back from this celebrity on cooking spoons that look fantastic. Ms. Paula Deen!

Paula Deen

Paula Deen Enterprises Llc

2391 Downing Avenue

Thunderbolt, GA 31404.

paula deen is a racist rare head shot promo

A final note – those trying to send to Trisha Yearwood would be wise to include $5 from now on. A notice on a free address website said she is now charging a nominal fee for her signature. To me, $5 doesn’t seem like it will help much, so it may just be an attempt to weed out dealers and casual fans.  But, if you want to try, send your $5 with your request to:

Trisha Yearwood

PO Box 120895

Nashville, TN 37212-0895

Trisha Yearwood

That’s it for this week, superfriends!  Here’s hoping every day is a giant mail day!

TTM Troy

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