TTM Tues! Jeremy Talks About Collecting Via Venue! Plus New Addresses For Kathleen Turner! Edie Falco! And More!

Welcome back to TTM Tuesday! I’ve been a long time fan of this website- reading the crazy stories, laughing along, and mostly wishing I lived in LA so I could hang with Mike, Pinky, and the rest of the crew to get (or attempt to get) autographs. Never in a million years did I think I would be writing a weekly column for my favorite website.. To be fair, I also never thought Trump would be President or that the “cash me outside” girl would be worth 3 million dollars.

While I do not consider myself an expert in ttm collecting, I do have 20+ years of experience and I’m excited to share tips and tricks that have helped me in obtaining autographs from my favorites. This week I want to talk about my personal favorite method of collecting; Via Venue. The term Via Venue (or VV ) refers to a temporary address that a celebrity is at (i.e. movie set, concert venue, theater, etc.). VV collecting is great because it is, in many cases, the only way to get a certain celebs signature. On the other hand, the success rate is significantly lower than traditional avenues (agent, manager, etc.) mostly due to the fact that your letter has to go through multiple channels before it reaches the celeb. To give you an idea- let’s look at a typical scenario of a VV request:

Lionel Richie was playing in Vegas for a week long engagement. I sent my letter and photo off to the venue (I’ll explain more about the timing of when to send in a minute).
The casino receives the letter.
The casino staff forwards the request to the theater inside the casino.
The theater staff receive the letter.
The letter is given to Lionel’s staff.
His staff opens the letter.
The photo is placed on a table along with other photos and memorabilia to be signed.
Lionel signs the photo(s).
His staff puts the photo in the SASE provided and mails it back.
Voila! A success from the one and only Lionel Richie!

As you can see, your letter has to go through multiple channels and touches many hands before the celeb signs it. It’s a gamble when writing to a celeb VV but when it pays off, it really pays off.

Ready to write to your favorite VV? Here are some tips I suggest to ensure a better success rate:

Try to send your request off so it reaches the venue about 5-7 days BEFORE the celeb is intended to be there.
On the envelope: Address it like this:
Celebrity name
C / O Venue
Lastly, and most importantly, on the bottom of the envelope write down the date the celeb is playing. For example: If Lionel was playing on August 10, 2019, I would write:

*Please deliver to artist playing 8/10/19*

This is not necessary for film sets, or broadway theatres. It is only for temporary venues (a week or less).

Ready to try your VV luck? Get ready because this week the stars are aligned:

Cher ( Performing 8/21-8/31)
C / O Park MGM Vegas
3770 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Pete Davidson (Performing 8/25)
C / O Mirage Las Vegas
3400 S Las Vegas Blvd,
Las Vegas, NV 89109

MIke Colter
C / O CBS Television Studios
355 Kingsland Avenue – 4 th Fl,
Brooklyn, NY 11222
Shoot dates: 7/3/19-2/28/20

Edie Falco
CBS Studios, Inc.
34-12 36th Street – 3 rd Fl,
Astoria, NY 11106
Shoot Date: 8/1/19-4/30/20

Jo Koy (8/29)
C / O Snoqualmie Casino
37500 SE North Bend Way
Snoqualmie, WA 98065

Macy Gray (8/29)
C /O Northern Lights Theater
1721 W Canal Street
Milwaukee, WI 53233

Kathleen Turner (9/28)
Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival
PO Box 1721
Provincetown, MA 02657

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