TTM Tuesday! Celebrities Who Stopped Signing Fanmail! Ace Has The Scoop! With Lauren Bacall! James Garner! Carol Burnett! Kirk Douglas! And Kenny Baker!

What’s up autograph fanatics! Ace here with this week’s TTM Tuesday!

Today, We are highlighting some famous celebrities that no longer sign TTM. It is a tribute to thank them, but also to highlight several people that you should be weary to send to. So many people when they enter this community ask to pinpoint the greatest signers in the community. Therefore, I want to save you the trouble and disappointment if you don’t get a reply or receive a fail.


James Garner

I will say I was very fortunate to get James Garner when he started signing again. In 2009, he had a stroke and unfortunately was not able to sign fanmail anymore. In 2012, I sent a request to his address and I got it back under a week. Now, the address has spread, and James Garner has stopped signing once again. He had a great run, and it will most likely be a while before he signs again.

James Garner Note

Kenny Baker

This one is very sad! This was posted on his blog and was spread throughout the TTM community. Kenny Baker has always been so kind to his fans by signing everything that you send to him. Now, he is limiting the item to 1 per person. I placed this under the list because usually this is the beginning stages of celebrities stopping fanmail all together. Hopefully, this future prediction does not come to fruition, but may the force be with him!

Kenny Baker Note

Lauren Bacall

Unfortunately, Lauren is no longer well enough to answer fanmail! I wish her and her family the best during the toughest years of her elder life. She is a living legend, therefore I only hope for the best. She is no longer replying to fanmail, therefore please save your stamps!

Lauren Bacall Note

 Carol Burnett

If you were planning to send to this legendary comedian, watch out! The Fan Mail coordinator is controlling everything being to sent to Ms. Burnett. I have seen various replies where she either sends out a Pre-Print or a Authentic Autograph… Be very weary if you do get a photo supplied with this letter… It’s most likely not authentic….

Carol Burnett Note

Kirk Douglas

Once again, another legend who is no longer able to sign TTM. I have recently had some friends who sent books to Mr. Douglas as well as photos, he is apparently taking a break for the time being. There is a chance of him signing again, but for the time being, hope for the best!

Kirk Douglas Note


That is it for today! Hope this helped you guys! Save your stamps! OR try and I wish you the best!

Now, remember, there is always a graphing opportunity out there… You just have to find it. I wish you all the best!

Until Next time,

Ace, the Autograph Addict


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