TTM Tuesday! Rant! Fran Drescher HAZ GNE NUTZ! Spelling Errors! Stamps! Sharpie Sickness! TTM Twitter War! And More!

What’s up autograph fanatics! Ace here with TTM Tuesday….

Hopefully this is the last time I have to speak about the topic but the madness has ensued climatically over the last week.

Fran Drescher, the Nanny, doesn’t come off as nice as she seemed to be… Instead, it seems like she has gone off the deep end.


If you have not heard, Drescher has stamped playbills for TTM and charity. They are selling these charity playbills for a whopping $50. Most people who buy the playbills are not looking to donate, but want the playbill for the collection. The good saint Fran Drescher has stamped these playbills, ultimately ruining the entire cast effort and the novelty of it.

fran dresher fake autograph

Fran Drescher didn’t see it that way. She has gone to great lengths to fight fans on twitter.

Fran Drescher

Fans are outraged about the stamped playbills…

Fran Drescher

Honestly, if she didn’t want to sign them, she shouldn’t have signed them at all. Nothing is better than a stamp.

Originally, Drescher denied all claims of the fake signature…

Fran Drescher

When she did admit they were stamps, like we all knew, she said it was for a good cause…

Fran Drescher

She actually thinks the stamp is an autograph. I honestly think everyone who sent will get a stamp on his or her items as well.

Fran Drescher

If it was for charity, she should actually put some effort into it. You can’t say the ink made you ill, when you didn’t sign any authentically in the first place…Fran Drescher

She claims she is willing to sign her books and original Fran Drescher dolls…

Fran Drescher

I honestly think she is crazy… There is no logic in any of her comments and I feel sorry for all the fans out there…

Fran Drescher

Being on broadway is getting to her head… according to her, it’s the ink smell…

Fran Drescher

When people haven’t done anything relevant in about twenty years, this kinda stuff happens…

Fran Drescher

Her biggest crime isn’t the stamps, it’s her spelling… Next time, use the maximum ammount of characters… You give nannies a bad name…

God forbid if any shows were cancelled, so please guys, don’t send her requests… Pens will not be opened… Letters will not be read…

Let us know your thoughts…

Now, remember, there is always a graphing opportunity out there… You just have to find it… unless it’s Fran Drescher…

Ace the Autograph Addict

Fran Drescher meme

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