TTM Tues! The In Person Via TTM Debate! Meeting Doris Day And Confirming Her Autographs Are The Same!

What’s up autograph fanatics! Ace here with TTM Tuesday…

This week I want us all to join in on the debate bandwagon on TTM secretarial autographs… I know this causes fights, but there are some things that happened in the community this past week that we have to discuss…
As I was searching the autograph forums, I stumbled upon a post about a Doris Day In Person encounter…
Immediately, the fanboy in me freaked out and excitedly contacted several TTM community members for discussion.

A friend of mine on facebook, Richard LaMotte posted a Doris Day IP recap on the forums. I asked Richard if he wouldn’t mind sharing it on our site, therefore you guys are in luck that he happily agreed.

The post read: “Hey everyone, for reference many people have asked what an IN-PERSON experience and autographs was/were like with the legend DORIS DAY, about 2 years ago in carmel. She was amazing and so nice, posing for the photo and signing these three photos for me. When I asked her about her “Mail” response, she did say “She signs all her mail, but takes a long time to get through it all because people send so much”

doris day ttm autograph meeting fan photo signed1

Now, it has been claimed in the TTM community for sometime that Doris Day has had a secretary taking care of fanmail. Even many of the fanmail authenticity experts pushed these notions. Our community had pretty much accepted this… Based on the information we had, especially the very few In Person autographs, all of which were from decades ago, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that she had to have had a secretary…

doris day ttm autograph meeting fan photo signed1

After looking at Richard’s In Person autographs, I jumped out of my seat… The inscription and the autographs
look undoubtedly similar. Not only did one of them match the In Person handwriting from 20+ years ago, but the autographs also matched TTMs from the last twenty years.

Please make your own decisions. I do have this new found hope due to this discovery… I know many people will knock it down based on validity questions, but this is the only evidence, IP evidence if I may add, in the last ten years…

Here is a side by side comparison made by Ryan from Collecting Autographs Through the Mail on Facebook:
doris day ttm autograph meeting fan photo signed1

Now, I know the skeptics will say, Doris is not signing the autographs in the photo, Doris could have signed those TTM, Doris this… Doris that… Regardless, make your own thoughts and opinions.
Let us know what you think…

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Until Next time,
Ace, the Autograph Addict

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