TTM Wednesday! Successes From Susan Sarandon! Jaclyn Smith! Ed Asner! Tom Berenger! Jesse Ventura! And More!

Hey everybody, TTM Troy here with another TTM… Wednesday edition of TTM Tuesday! Sorry about being late, but the holiday kind of threw me off! Hope everybody had a great holiday and the TTM’s are rolling in! Heads up the next federal holiday is on February 15 – so mark it on your calendars! TTMs seemed to be slow this week, but here are some good bets!

It would be impossible to list all of this actresses’s credits here, but they include Thelma & Louise, Stepmom, Dead Man Walking and The Client. Susan Sarandon is still signing, and oftentimes gives a lengthy inscription. Try her in New York.

Susan Sarandon
PO Box 1218
New York, NY 10113

Susan Sarandon Signing autographs jimmy kimmel live 2015 1

You don’t need to go to the police academy to get a TTM from this great actress. In addition to tons of TV credits, including Charlie’s Angels, Jaclyn Smith is great signer, oftentimes within days.

Jaclyn Smith
10398 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90049

jaclyn smith

Fans of the movie Up won’t want to miss the opportunity to write to the legend Ed Asner – still signing with great inscriptions.

Ed Asner
11802 Otsego St
North Hollywood, CA 91607-3223

television legend Ed Asner signs autographs for fans at the young playwright's festival in los angeles

This next one may not be smelling what The Rock is cooking, but he has been a wrestler, an actor (maybe one and the same…) and a governor. A favorite for both TV/Film and political collectors alike – Jesse Ventura!

Jesse Ventura
100 Apple Orchard Road
Saint Paul, MN 55110

Jesse Ventura

Known by most for his portrayal in films such as Platoon and countless other TV shows – Tom Berenger signs up to two items from his home in South Carolina.

Evolution Entertainment
901 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

Tom Berenger

And finally – although he has been mentioned in TTM Tuesday columns in the past, I have received several emails and comments about “Will he sign?” Reportedly James Earl Jones has said that after his latest show, The Gin Game, closed, he would stop signing TTM. BUT… people are still reporting successes, so there may still be a new hope! (See what I did there?) So he is definitely still worth a try!

James Earl Jones
c/o Paradigm Talent Agency NY
360 Park Ave South, 16th Floor
New York, NY 10010

james earl jones signed pop vinyl

That’s it for this week, superfriends! Just a reminder, forget about Bruce Willis TTM at his play Misery, unless you have a secretarial collection. Save your stamps! And remember to always do your research!

Until next time!

-TTM Troy

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