TV Heartbeat! Binge on Orphan Black Friday for the Saturday premiere! Game of Thrones’ Huge Return!

Orphan Black begins season three on Saturday!!!! Original, smart, tense and funny, this is a can’t-miss show! If you haven’t joined the club on this show, this is a great time to join the trip for a couple of reasons:

  • IFC will marathon the first two seasons of Orphan Black beginning on Friday at midnight
  • Amazon Prime will make Orphan Black season one available for non-members to stream for FREE on Friday only.
  • The season three premiere will be simultaneously broadcasted on AMC, IFC, Sundance and We TV.

So many ways to get hooked on this show! If you haven’t seen it yet, just watch the opening scene and see if you aren’t sucked in!

Orphan Black season 3 (8)

For those already addicted to Orphan Black, get ready for a wild ride with the season three premiere! For more hints straight from the cast and creators, read my interview with Graeme Manson, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Jordan Gavaris, Evelyne Brochu and Kristian Brunn.

BBC America is also launching a new series Tatau where two young Brits head to the Cook Islands for some adventure. After a mysterious tattoo and some strange drinks, one guy starts to see strange flashes of the future(maybe?) and dead bodies.


The CW is launching The Messengers which is about a group of folks who die when a strange object falls from the sky. These same folks re-awaken and find out they may be the key to stopping/causing the upcoming apocalypse. The cast includes Diogo Morgado who last got #HotJesus trending after his role in last year’s Son of God movie.

Messengers Diogo

Meanwhile, The Americans will wrap up another successful season while Hallmark’s The Good Witch series waits for likely news that the channel will conjure it back again.

Friday: Bitten season premiere (Syfy), Lost Girl season premiere (Syfy), Cedric’s Barber Battle debut (The CW), Whose Line Is It Anyway? season premiere (The CW), The Messengers debut (The CW)
Saturday: Orphan Black season premiere (BBC America, AMC, IFC, Sundance, WeTV), Tatau debut (BBC America), The Good Witch season finale (Hallmark Channel)
Sunday: Academy of Country Music Awards (CBS)
Wednesday: The Americans season finale (FX), Broadchurch season finale (BBC America)

Health check

Anyone see Game of Thrones’ fifth season debut? The answer is: yes and in record numbers. I wonder if the increase is due to the new non-cable HBO Now app which allows for an HBO subscription without having cable or satellite TV. Anyway, when HBO recently announced the renewals for Veep and Silicon Valley they weren’t ignoring Game of Thrones.  Last year the show got a double season renewal so the sixth season is already guaranteed. If HBO had their way, the show would go on for another 10 years…


Meanwhile, Fox stalwart Bones lost a lot of its audience and so did darling of their fall schedule, Gotham. Aren’t they missing Empire a whole bunch right now? Gotham is returning regardless, but Bones’ fate rests on contract negotiations.


In a month, the networks will announce their programming slate for the new fall/spring season. Then the agonizing wait to find out if your favorite network show survived will be over! I’ll be back next week with my predictions on who’s staying and who’s not!

Stay tuned!

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