TV Heartbeat! Fall Premiere Blitz is On!! Sleepy Hollow! Blacklist! Gotham! Forever! Agents of SHIELD! Chicago Fire! Chicago PD!

Last chance to clear out your DVRs!!! Next week begins the blissful blitz known as the fall season!! Familiar faces return! Time to add some new shows to the “watch list”!!

What should you be watching? Well here’s the calendar on all that’s notable and a bit more on the highlights of the week!

Tonight: Red Band Society debut (Fox), America’s Got Talent season premiere (NBC), Mysteries of Laura debut (NBC), Extant season (series?) finale (CBS)
Saturday: Outlander – major happenings this week!! (Starz), On the Run tour: Beyonce and Jay-Z debut (HBO)
Sunday: 60 Minutes season premiere (CBS), Madame Secretary debut (CBS), The Good Wife season premiere (CBS)
Monday: The Voice season premiere (NBC), The Blacklist season premiere (NBC), Sleepy Hollow season premiere (Fox), Gotham debut (Fox), The Big Bang Theory season premiere (CBS), Scorpion debt (CBS), Under the Dome season finale (CBS), Forever debut (ABC)
Tuesday: Chicago Fire season premiere (NBC), NCIS season premiere (CBS), NCIS: New Orleans debut (CBS), Person of Interest season premiere (CBS), Awkward season premiere (MTV), Faking It season premiere (MTV), Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD season premiere (ABC)
Wednesday: Law & Order: SVU season premiere (NBC), Chicago PD season premiere (NBC), Survivor season premiere (CBS), Big Brother season finale (CBS), The Middle season premiere (ABC), The Goldbergs season premiere (ABC), Modern Family season premiere (ABC), Black-ish debut (ABC), Nashville season premiere (ABC)

First off, don’t forget to watch Red Band Society tonight! It’s a new drama, produced by Steven Spielberg which takes place in the residential pediatric ward. While that may sound like a very dreary premise for a show, it’s actually funny and touching. If you need more reasons why you should watch, peruse my review and also enter the contest to take home some swag!

Red Band Society (1)

Next Monday is going to be crazy with fan-favorites and one of the biggest debuts of the fall!

Sleepy Hollow promises that they will indeed resolve some of the big cliffhanger questions (yeah!) so expect things to move swiftly! For a quick summary of all the threads they left dangling, here’s a quick re-cap and also a chance to win a signed Sleepy Hollow poster.

Sleepy Hollow S2 (5)

Gotham is poised to do big numbers as one of the most anticipated shows and the buzziest. I think the pilot does a great job of setting up the world of Gotham, but it didn’t blow me out of the water. (They introduce a lot of characters and breeze by the death of the Waynes without much feeling.) Still, it’s a solid debut and this is definitely one of those shows where it may take a few episodes to find the right tone/voice for the show.


Forever, starring Ioan Gruffudd, is also worth catching since it’s an intriguing idea (Ioan is a man who mysteriously can’t die), a good pilot and a very likeable star. Hollywood hasn’t quite found the right role for Ioan so don’t judge him based on the Fantastic Four (or Chris Evans would never have been Captain America either!).

Forever Ioan

The Big Bang Theory is now on Monday nights, for a while anyway. Thursdays are occupied with Thursday Night Football through October so The Big Bang Theory is kicking off CBS on Mondays until then.


And there’s also the biggest new drama of last year, The Blacklist. More James Spader fun!

Blacklist s2

CBS has so much confidence in their new show, Scorpion (nerds save the world from cybercrimes), that they are already planning a crossover with NCIS: Los Angeles.


And that’s just Monday!!!! (DVR exploding!)

The brave men and women who protect Chicago will be back! Chicago Fire will reveal who died on that building explosion that ended the second season (a horrible way to top off Boden’s wedding!)…

Chicago Fire s3 (2)

…and Chicago PD will reveal who killed Jin – was it Voight or not?

Chicago PD s2

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD will be back figuring out what to do now that they have to re-build SHIELD. If you dropped the show because the early part of the season was too much family-fun oriented, then you missed the part where the show finally came together. Once the show started to focus on a bigger storyline, tied into Captain America: The Winter Solider and the fall of SHIELD, the show was much more successful. Is Fitz okay? How much more will May pummel Ward for being Hydra? What’s the deal with Skye’s dad and his bloody, dripping hand? What in the world was that circuit schematic Coulson drew from memory? Much more to come on this as DC tries to ramp up their TV presence with 5 shows. Speaking of, Agent Carter, a series about the start of SHIELD featuring Agent Carter from the first Captain America movie will air later next year.

Agent Shield Carter duo poster

Record-breaking Emmy award winner Modern Family is back with some interesting neighbors! With a focus on better representation of minorities, ABC launches the first of several minority-led comedies with Black-ish, starring Anthony Anderson as a man trying to get his family to hold onto their heritage. The cast also includes Laurence Fishburne and Tracee Ellis Ross as his father and wife.


Yeah, and there’s another week and a half of this premiere blitz to go!

To help plan out your DVR schedule, here’s a look at the fall schedule with a few key cable shows in the mix:

2014 Fall schedule

Outlander this week!

Pretty much the six previous episodes were all leading up to this one!

We learn Jamie’s real name (given away in the trailer) and Claire will spend some time with Jamie, y’know, other than patching him up.

Can’t wait for this one!!!

Stay tuned!

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