TV Heartbeat Game of Thrones special edition! Happy birthday to Maisie Williams who talks Arya Stark, man crushes and more!

Game of Thrones is back! For those folks who believe the show suffers from character bloat, the Purple Wedding certainly made a move to remedy that issue. This season has started off great with us seeing some disliked characters get their due and some fan-favorite characters make some progress.

Now that Arya is reunited with Needle, they’ll be no stopping this girl, right? Simon Pegg, for one, is cheering her on!

A few weeks ago a very cheerful and articulate Maisie Williams spoke at Indiana Comic Con about what it’s like to work on the hottest show in the world.

Maisie Talk 2

As short as the 10 episode season may be to viewers (it’s never enough!), it’s a big time commitment from Maisie and a rather unpredictable one as well:

Speaking of unpredictable, some of her cast members can be a bit difficult to work with as well:

Four seasons into the show, Maisie has changed and grown with her character as well:

Although Arya’s fate is yet to be determined, Maisie has a vision for how she’d like to see Arya meet her maker:

She also talks about the best villain on Game of Thrones…

…and her man crushes on set and off. (Hint: He’ll be swinging into theaters soon!)

As steady and mature as Arya is, we forget how young Maisie was when she started Game of Thrones. At 13 years old and with no interest in acting, here’s her story on how she went from a dancer to one of the angriest girls in Westeros:

…and how she reacted the first time she saw a GoT billboard.

But at her heart, she’s still having fun. Hear her stories about palling with Sophie Turner and embarrassing videos on social media:

Wise beyond her 17 years (happy birthday, Maisie!), her dream is to be starring as Velma Kelly on Broadway 10 years from now. I, for one, will be in the audience!

Game of Thrones airs Sundays on HBO. Valar morghulis!

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