TV Heartbeat! Game of Thrones is back!! Veep runs for POTUS!! Goodbye Being Human!

New and Notable Game of Thrones is back!!!! Oh how I’ve missed you! How can they top last season? In case you want to re-live/join the party, starting Friday, HBO will ultramarathon the entire series. Ultramarathon? They are showing the entire series twice for 60 hours of Game of Thrones.


For season 4, we know there’s another wedding on the way (do NOT invite Walder Fray to weddings!) and more battles as the creators promise season 4 is more action-packed! There are lots of new faces in the cast including new faces for existing characters. Young Tomman has been re-cast (Joffrey’s youngest “Baratheon” sibling) and Daario Naharis (Dany’s latest devoted body guard/battalion leader) is getting a new face with Ed Skrein. Daario is from Bravos where it’s easy to get a new look (as Jaqen H’ghar so ably demonstrated).


Selina Meyer also makes her run for President on Veep beginning with just a regular marathon of the full series starting on Saturday. If Selina succeeds (and lord help the US if she does!), will they change the name of the show to POTUS?


Continuum begins its third season on Friday! I love the fact that this show explores different themes each season and this one is going to be an interesting ride!


We also have some notable debuts with AMC’s Turn which is about spies during the Revolutionary War and Silicon valley which is Mike Judge’s comedy for HBO about geeks in (where else?) Silicon Valley.


We also have some goodbyes to make this week – Being Human will end its US edition…


…and our time in Wonderland will see an official ending. Once Upon a Time in Wonderland just got its official cancellation notice. Some shows just don’t get that fairy tale ending…but at least the Knave of Hearts/Will (Michael Socha) will be joining the regular Once Upon a Time cast.

Once wonderland

Thursday: Once Upon a Time in Wonderland series finale (ABC)
Friday: Continuum premiere (Syfy), Unforgettable premiere (CBS), Bruce Springsteen’s High Hopes (HBO), Raising Hope finale (Fox)
Sunday: Country Music Awards, Game of Thrones premiere (HBO), Turn debut (AMC), Veep premiere (HBO), Silicon Valley debut (HBO), Shameless season finale (Showtime)
Monday: Being Human series finale (Syfy)

Health check Farewell to the Edwards brothers who will no longer be playing Mind Games! Such a shame since the shrill (at times) pilot wasn’t really a good example of the show. It’s too bad they didn’t take advantage of their lead time to go back and re-edit it to bring it in line with the rest of the series. We’re going to miss out on some great stuff that was coming up and some fun guest stars. Sadness!

Amazon is really upping its game with more exclusive streaming rights (Orphan Black, 24, etc…) and a series order for 6 original shows: The After (from Chris Carter), Bosch (about Titus Welliver as a homicide detective), Gortimer Gibson’s Life on Normal Street, Mozart in the Jungle (about the wild life of classical musicians), Transparent and Wishenpoof! (animated series about a girl able to grant wishes).

The After

Comic Book Men, Helix and Nurse Jackie will all be returning for another series as well The Musketeers. Who? Yes, the Musketeers are coming back for a second season even before the first has aired on BBC America.


We’ve got some prognosis shifts on the state of your favorite shows! There may be some life yet for Almost Human and The 100 is still holding pretty strong. Nerve wracking, isn’t it? We should get final word on all shows in the next month.

TV Heartbeat check up chart 4-2

Stay tuned!

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