TV Heartbeat! Goodbye to Psych! HIMYM! Walking Dead finale! A peek at Jack Bauer’s return!

New and Notable We’ve got lots of goodbyes this week – some only temporary, but some will be forever. Farewell old friends!

Psych’s final episode airs tonight! Break out the pineapples one last time!



Let’s also give one big final goodbye to How I Met Your Mother! Will we finally get all the answers to our questions? Find out with this special hour-long finale.


The Walking Dead will complete the current (lackluster and uneven) season with this week’s episode. The march to Terminus will start with a season 4 marathon starting Saturday night. Let’s see if Terminus is the end of the line for a character or two. Definitely for their dreams of paradise…

The Walking Dead Season Finale

(Funny that the poster with Glenn says “Who will arrive?” when we already know he got there…)


Helix and Intelligence also wrap up their first seasons this week. The Powers That Be haven’t fully decided on their fates yet, but Helix has a better shot than Intelligence.


To get caught up on Helix, Syfy will marathon the full season starting Friday morning.


Tonight: Psych series finale (USA), Hot in Cleveland (TV Land)
Thursday: Surviving Jack (Fox)
Friday: Helix finale (Syfy)
Saturday: Nickelodeon’s Kid Choice Awards (Nick)
Sunday: The Walking Dead season finale (AMC), Call the Midwife (PBS), Mr. Selfridge (PBS)
Monday: How I Met Your Mother series finale (CBS), Friends with Better Lives (CBS), Intelligence (series?) finale (CBS)
Tuesday: The Mindy Project (Fox)

Xfinitiy watchaton alert! If you have Comcast, next week is the week to call in sick and hole up at home! All week long, on demand will have all episodes from all seasons from nearly every show! So catch up on Game of Thrones, Orphan Black, True Detective, Black Sails, Homeland, Sherlock, Downton Abbey or whatever floats your boat all week long. Don’t forget to get up and stretch every so often!


Health check Chicago’s bravest and finest will continue to serve next season! Both Chicago Fire and Chicago PD are renewed for next season!



NBC also issued return tickets for Grimm and Parks and Recreation. We still await word on how Crisis and Believe will fare. So far, they had solid debuts, but the proof is in how well they can build over time…


Speaking of solid debuts, The 100 did well in its first outing on The CW. Time will tell if they can retain viewers week to weak – or just retain them better than the Tomorrow People did.


Also, the fledgling El Rey network renewed their marquee show From Dusk till Dawn the Series.

TV Heartbeat check up chart 3-26

A White Collar mystery solved! Remember when I mentioned things were hazy on the new White Collar season? That it should’ve started production already? Well things can get a move on now! White Collar is coming back for a 6 episode season – enough to give fans some closure on that big cliffhanger. USA seems to be cleaning house on some veteran shows (Burn Notice, Psych) so at least we’ll get these final episodes to say goodbye to the gang.


Crystal Ball Jack is back under the Union Jack! Tortured by anticipation for the new 24? The limited series 24: Live Another Day released a new trailer for the show which begins May 5th.

Stay tuned!

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