TV Heartbeat! iZombie! Royals! Empire Finale! Cancellations! The Walking Dead and Arrow/Flash Spinoffs!

iZombie makes its debut on The CW this week! More zombies on TV? Well, yes, but this isn’t going to be your depressing-end-of-the-world zombie show (although, like The Walking Dead, this is based on a comic book). In this zombie tale, Liv Moore (Rose McIver) is a zombie who works at the morgue for easy access to food (brains). When she munches, she gets a flash of the dead person’s life. With all that info, she solves the mystery of their death…all while maintaining her disguise as human. Yep, just a little different! The brains behind this show is Rob Thomas (Veronica Mars), so don’t let the blah TV promos scare you away as this man knows how to write for sassy, female detectives. Don’t underestimate the sassy.


E! makes its first move into scripted TV with The Royals. In this world, the British monarchy is led by headed by Elizabeth Hurley and Vincent Regan (as the king and queen) accompanied with their rebellious, modern kids, played by William Moseley and Alexandra Park. If this didn’t scream “soap opera!” to you, just know that Joan Collins will guest star as the Grand Duchess of Oxford.

The Royals

Community is back and this time its on Yahoo! Part of the ever-growing list of shows saved by streaming networks, this one is a bit different since the episodes will be released weekly, so no binge watching unless you wait until the end. The first week will have 2 episodes and then a new episode will drop every Tuesday for the 13 episode season.


Empire will end its first season this week! The cultural phenomenon has exceeded all expectations and is just so much good fun. The industry predicted that Fox would have a bleak year this year, but Empire has definitely been the boost the network needed. Empire is signed up for another 13 episodes next season (like this year), but it may extend with another 9 episodes if Fox can get their way. More Cookie for everyone!


Sunday: The Royals debut (E!)
Monday: Dancing with the Stars season premiere (ABC)
Tuesday: One Big Happy debut (NBC), Undateable debut (NBC), iZombie debut (The CW), Community season premiere (Yahoo)
Wednesday: Supernatural moves to a new day (The CW), Empire season finale (Fox)

Health check

Audiences dug Dig which started off with a good-sized audience as did American Crime. Let’s see if people come back for more this week! Meanwhile, other shows have had several weeks of airing and the networks have sorted out their fate…for better and for worse!

Dig - Jason Isaacs Anne Heche

Let’s start with the good news, shall we? The British suspense drama, The Fall, is getting a third season so Gillian Anderson will continue to hunt down Jamie Dornan (who can blame her?) on Netflix.

And the not so good news…Syfy’s ambitious mini-series, Ascension will not ascend into a full-fledged series. While the premise was interesting and the cast impressive, the story was muddled and cynical.

Ascension (5)

Meanwhile, NBC isn’t pledging any more Allegiance – the show is officially cancelled and The Slap is taking its timeslot. While NBC is doing well in the ratings (thanks to football and The Blacklist), there is a good chance that none of its new shows will be back. Yikes!

Crystal Ball

The zombie apocalypse of The Walking Dead will hit Los Angeles for at least two seasons. They haven’t even announced the premiere date (or the title!) and it’s already renewed for a second season! The first season will be 6 episodes (like The Walking Dead) and will likely start up 6 weeks prior to the start of The Walking Dead’s next season in the fall.

Walking Dead (2)

And speaking of spin offs…. The Flash is the CW’s biggest new show this season, so it’s a no-brainer that they want more from where that came from. Ergo, the network is looking to add a third DC comics show in the fall. The untitled new show will include a bunch of characters already featured in Arrow and Flash: ATOM (Brandon Routh), Firestorm (Victor Garber), Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) and Sarah Lance (Caity Lotz). I guess Sarah isn’t dead after all.

Arrow Canary Sarah

But not everyone wants to be in the superhero business – Jada Pinkett Smith will be leaving Gotham at the end of the season when her contract is up. That makes for an interesting end to the season, right?


Stay tuned!

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