TV Heartbeat! Joss Whedon returns to TV (sort of)! Jon Snow is back (probably)!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! To counterprogram all the Thursday football, Syfy is offering a James Bond marathon and AMC is featuring the Godfather movies. I’m not sure either of those really say “big family eating holiday fare” but whatever. I think the networks assume all the women are in the kitchen so all the marathons are rather manly.

The Walking Dead wraps up the first half of the season this weekend. Despite the utter stupidity of Rick’s plan (which Andrew Lincoln also admitted was quite dumb), it’s provided a lot of action for one of the show’s better seasons of late. We finally know Glenn’s fate (though honestly they dragged it out so long I started not to care), but the body count for the season probably isn’t done yet. Good thing there are lots of expendable Alexandrians.

Walking Dead

On Monday, ABC is importing The Great British Baking Show for the holidays. The addictive UK show features amateur bakers in a rigorous bake off. The US version includes one of the UK judges (the nicer one) and will focus more on holiday baking challenges.

Arrow and The Flash will have a crossover with the most generic title ever “Heroes Join Forces.” UGH! Maybe the next one will be called “People with Masks” or “Men with Abs.”

Flash Arrow crossover

Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce begins its second season with a special cameo. The Bravo dramedy about a self-help author who re-boots her life is executive produced by Marti Noxon, a Buffy alumni. Joss Whedon will make a cameo in the premiere episode. This isn’t Joss’s first time on screen since he was Numfar in Angel (“Numfar, do the dance of joy!”) and a rental car agent in Veronica Mars.

Girlfriend's Guide Joss Whedon

Tonight: Pilgrims debut (PBS), The Making of The Wiz Live! (NBC)
Thursday: Godfather movie marathon (AMC), James Bond marathon (Syfy)
Friday: Black Belt Friday marathon aka Bruce Lee movies (Esquire), Unforgettable season premiere (A&E)
Saturday: The Spymasters: CIA in the Crosshairs (Showtime), Last Kingdom season finale (BBC America)
Sunday: The Walking Dead mid-season finale (AMC)
Monday: It’s Your 50th Christmas, Charlie Brown (ABC), A Charlie Brown Christmas (ABC), The Great Holiday Baking Show debut (ABC)
Tuesday: “Heroes Join Forces” or the Arrow/Flash crossover (The CW), Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce season premiere (Bravo)

Health check

The networks have ordered extra episodes for Code Black, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and iZombie which would normally be good news, but neither got orders for enough episodes to qualify as a full season. This normally indicates that the show won’t be renewed which fits with the poor ratings for Code Black and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. However, iZombie ratings aren’t too horrible so we have a lot of mixed messages here. Hmm….

Syfy renewed Channel Zero. Never heard of it? Me neither! It hasn’t started yet. In fact, it isn’t set to debut for another year and yet it’s already renewed. A lot of shows are getting early renewals, but this one seems awfully premature.

Renewed: Fargo (FX), Channel Zero (Syfy)
Cancelled: The Player (NBC), The Soup (E!)

Big Tease

We’re a few months away from the next wave of debuts, but the networks have started to throw out teasers.

Shadowhunters, which begins in January, has a new poster.

Shadowhunters poster

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow has a new trailer or rather an official one. Arrow and Flash have basically been a big trailer with both shows dedicating episodes to developing characters that will be leaving soon for this third DC/CW show.

HBO released a teaser poster for Game of Thrones which pretty much confirms that the hair is not an accident — Jon Snow is alive! Or looking rather lively in the poster since dead men don’t bleed. While I believe Jon died at the end of last season, you may recall that Melisandre had arrived at Castle Black just moments before Jon’s assassination and, well, that doesn’t seem to be an accident. Her Lord of Light may have been wrong about Stanis, but remember that one of the Lord of Light followers brought back someone from the dead. A very handy skill. All will be revealed in late March/early April!


Stay tuned!

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