TV Heartbeat! More Finales! 9 to 5 Reunion on Netflix (sort of)! A Quick Peak at the New Fall Shows!

It’s the season of finales! Most network shows are ending in the next two weeks so expect lots of deaths, wedding, births, and cliffhangers!  We have some temporary adieus for The Big Bang Theory, Once Upon a Time, The Originals, Jane the Virgin, Agents of SHIELD, NCIS, Arrow, American Idol, The Middle, The Goldbergs.  The other shows are very likely to return, but don’t have offical word yet.

Amid all these goodbyes, there is one new debut on Netflix. You may want to binge Grace and Frankie from 9 to 5 since it stars Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda as the wives of big time lawyer partners (Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston) who decide to leave their wives because they fell in love with each other. Awkward!

Grace and Frankie

Tonight: Criminal minds season finale (CBS)
Thursday: Dig season finale (USA), The Big Bang Theory season finale (CBS)
Friday: Grace and Frankie debut (Netflix), Hawaii 5-0 season finale (CBS)
Sunday: Once Upon A Time season finale (ABC), Revenge series finale (ABC), The Good Wife season finale (CBS), Wolf Hall season finale (PBS)
Monday: The Originals season finale (The CW), Jane the Virgin season finale (The CW), Castle season finale (ABC)
Tuesday: Agents of SHIELD 2 hour season finale (ABC), NCIS season finale (CBS)
Wednesday: Arrow season finale (The CW), American Idol season finale (Fox), The Middle season finale (ABC), The Goldbergs season finale (ABC), Nashville season finale (ABC), CSI: Cyber season finale (CBS)

Health check

If FXX ever runs the Every Simpsons episode marathon again, they’ll have to add a few more days! Fox just renewed the show for another two years to bring the grand total to 625 episodes. Cowabunga!


To no one’s surprise, the Playstation Network has renewed their new signature show, Powers. The second season will be ready in 2016.

Meanwhile, official word on network programming slates for the next year will be revealed this week. A few new shows have gotten their good news early so we have some fresh new blood to look forward to:

  • Chicago Med (NBC) – This was a no-brainer approval. Another show from Dick Wolf and another in the Chicago franchise, this has been planned for some years now so get ready for more crossovers!
  • Blindspot (NBC) – This new show from Greg Berlanti (Arrow, The Flash) is about a naked, tattoo-covered Jane Doe (Thor’s Jamie Alexander) who wanders into Time Square naked and with no memory. Her tattoos hold the clue to her past – including the name of an FBI agent who is called in to investigate.
  • Heartbreaker (NBC) – This second medical drama might squeeze Night Shift out of a renewal for next year (or a move back to summer). This medical drama is based on the real life experiences of a brash doctor played by (Melissa George of Alias).

Chicago Med on FireCrystal Ball

Speculation runs rampant on who else is making the cut, but here are a few likely candidates:

  • Supergirl (CBS) – A strange show for CBS with its focus on procedurals and target of an older audience than The CW, but they want to be in the superhero game so looks like Kara is going to fly into a fall time slot.
  • Flash/Arrow spinoff (The CW) – Speaking of CW and tights, they are working on another show with various heroes and villains featured in Flash and Arrow.
  • Minority Report (Fox) – A reboot of the movie, this has gotten a lot of attention and looks likely everybody runs in the fall.


All very familiar properties, right? There are still shows to come including the Muppets, more musical dramas like Empire (this time about Studio City), Frankenstein, a telenovela, an NBA comedy and much more.

Stay tuned!

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