TV Heartbeat! More Orphan Black! Hope to Win the Lottery? What’s Up with Glee? A Look at the New Doctor Who!

All’s quiet on the network front, but a few cable channels have some premieres to keep us entertained!

Lifetime has a new show that’s a bit more out there for them. Perhaps the success of The Witches of East End has opened up the network to shows with a bit more of a twist. In The Lottery, humans are no longer fertile and 6 years have passed since the last child was born. One fertility specialist has a breakthrough and fertilizes 100 embryos which will be distributed by lottery. I’ll have a more detailed review for this show which starts on Sunday.


USA has also been evolving its programming now that Psych has finished its successful run and White Collar preps for its final season. Last fall, USA launched its first original comedy, Sirens and now the show has two new dramas. The first is Satisfaction which is explores modern marriage and the question of “What do you do when having it all is not enough?”


The other drama, Rush, is more of a city/pumped up cousin of Royal Pains: bad-boy physician Dr. William P. Rush, provides discreet, private medical care for cash.


FX is dropping a pair of comedies with Married (two best friends try to save their marriage) and You’re The Worst (two toxic people attempt to have a relationship). Definitely not happily ever after on FX!


You're the Worst

Tonight: Espy Awards (ESPN)
Thursday: Married debut (FX), You’re the Worst debut (FX), Rush debut (USA), Satisfaction debut (USA),
Sunday: The Lottery debut (Lifetime)
Monday: Hotel Hell debut (Fox)
Tuesday: Food Fighters debut (NBC), Face Off premiere (Syfy)

Health check

Early rating show that The Strain is spreading! Guillermo del Toro’s TV debut had strong numbers for FX so if people tune back in for the next episodes, we’ll probably get to see what happens in The Fall, the second book of trilogy.


Orphan Black will be back for a third season!!!! While there really wasn’t any doubt the show would return, this was a pretty delayed announcement since contract negotiations took some time. But fear not! The Shakira wig lives on!

Orphan Black S2 (3)

Also not a surprise, Broadchurch will also play its second season here in the US on BBC America. (Not to be confused with the American version of the show, Gracepoint, which starts on Fox in the fall.)

5 days before its debut, El Rey renewed Matador for a second season. Ole!


The Knick has also been picked up for a second season. Never heard of it? It hasn’t aired yet! Produced by Steven Soderbergh, the Cinemax series looks at the early days of medicine and stars Clive Owen.


Can’t wait for the final season of Glee? You’d be one of the few since the show’s ratings were its lowest ever last season and one of the lowest on the network. However, Fox’s contract with Glee included a sixth and final season so the show was renewed, but rather begrudgingly. Glee is pushed to a mid-season start and word is out that they cut the episode order in half. Gleeks will have 13 final episodes to savor with the promise that it’ll be less NY-focused and get back to the original characters.

Big tease

While Doctor Who won’t be making a trip to Comic Con this year, they did release a new trailer with daleks and the new Doctor.

The new season begins August 23rd on BBC America.

Stay tuned!

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