TV Heartbeat Orphan Black Edition! The Cast and crew sends thanks to the fans! Extended clone dance party! Sound off on the season! Clone Club!

You have to love a show that appreciates its fans. I mean really, really appreciates the fans! Perhaps inspired by Tatiana Maslany’s “thank you” picture at the end of season 1 last year…

Cosmina Orphan Black promo press still Ivan Schneeberg and David Fortier of Temple Street productions, producers of Orphan Black!

…almost EVERY department on the show gave their thanks to the fans this year! Check out their messages to the Clone Club!

Graeme Manson – creator/runner/showrunner/mastermind

Jordan Gavaris – Feeeeeeee! (We’re head over heels…)

Maria Doyle Kennedy – Mrs S. the woman you don’t want to piss off at the dinner table (but a lovely soul otherwise)

Michiel Huisman – We knew we were going to see Kira’s father some day. He was worth the wait!

Evelyne Brouche – Delphine who places her trust in the wrong people… (Cough! Rachel!)

Kristian Brunn – Donnie the turnip/murderer/cop-threatening bad ass

Michael Mando – Vic the dick! Glad to see he’s throwing deuces again!

Kevin Hanchard – Detective Art reflects back on this season

Inga Cadranel – Detective DeAngelis who is now being blackmailed by Donnie the turnip

Josh Vokey – Scott the lab assistant recently welcomed to the inner circle and knows how to mess with a fire extinguisher

Kathryn Alexandre – The other woman who plays all the clones! She plays the other clones opposite Tatiana before the magic steps in to blend all the Tatianas together.

Cynthia Galant – mini-clone! The newest member of Project LEDA.

Zoe de Grand Maison–Gracie who looks very different out of her prairie/cult dresses

Matthew Bennett – creepy Daniel

Nick Rose – Colin from the morgue

Some of the day players, stand-in/stunts:

The Hive – the crazy-minded Orphan Black writers

Cosima Herter – science consultant and the inspiration for Cosima

Some of the great directors (of course they took interesting pictures!):

Mackenzie Donaldson – assistant to the showrunners

Intelligent Creatures – the team who makes cloning happen on Orphan Black

Trevor Yuile – The composer that creates those unique, eerie/scary sounds

John Nelles – Oi! The guy who makes sure everyone’s speaking in the right tongues

Mark Beaulieu – From Locations, a much bigger job this year since the show was much broader in scale this season

Kristin Wayne – from makeup

Members of the marketing team

Mydesign7- the poster artist

And even the guys in catering! Super important to morale on set…

Sound off!
But how did this season go?

This year, Orphan Black delved deeper into the rabbit hole and took the whole conspiracy/mystery in a different direction. The first part of the season was pretty chaotic with Dyad, the Prolethean ranch, Mrs. S’s underground network and other subplots.


We start to get the payoff of the many storylines mid-season when they find Ethan Duncan and Alison goes to re-hab. Yes, there are some real comedic moments, but also some really tense and emotional ones as well.

Orphan Black S2 (6)

At that point, different threads start to come together with rather, um, unexpected results. (Donnie does what to Leekie?!) The rest of the season is a welcome, sprint towards the end with more focused storytelling ending with some truly big surprises and a big set up for next season.

Orphan Black S2 (3)

After last year’s out-of-nowhere debut, a second year for a high-concept show can be really tricky since the story needs to be have more layers without getting convoluted. Orphan Black has managed to stay true to the first season by building on seeds already sown so it generally feels true to the story.

Orphan Black S2 (9)

While the many storylines early in the season definitely kept things interesting, I missed the connection of seeing the clones together. That’s one of the reasons why the clone dance party was such a relief in the end. (Also, the geek in me was excited to see the infamous “Cosima dance” that Tatiana dances when she arrives on set each time as Cosima.) This extended video mixes the party with glimpses into the magic behind the scenes – it really makes you appreciate Tatiana Maslany, Jordan Gavaris and all the magicians behind the camera:

And speaking of Felix, I wish we had seen more of him this season since he’s a lot of the heart of the show and, somewhat strangely, Sarah’s conscious. Also, Jordan just lights up the screen so let’s make sure there’s more Felix next season!

Orphan Black S2 (10)

The cast continues to impress with Maria Doyle Kennedy’s Mrs S a careful balance of earth mother and fierce den mother. And mean chef. Keep her away from the cutlery!

Orphan Black S2 (1)

And, of course, no discussion on the cast for Orphan Black would be completely without praising Tatiana Maslany. She disappears into each character so completely that I often forget she’s Alison AND Sarah AND Helena AND Cosima AND Rachel. Each woman is completely separate and realized and nuanced. Since this is year 2, perhaps the Emmy voting category can feel it’s okay to recognize some of the most astounding work on TV. Lord knows, there’s no more deserving performance and given the caliber of the work on TV these days, that’s really saying something.

Orphan_Black_Season_2_First_Look_FINAL 2

And what about season 3? Well, it hasn’t officially been announced since I think they are still negotiating. Rest assured, everyone wants to make more crazy science so there will be a third season!

Orphan Black S2 (4)

If the pattern holds, negotiations need to finish up pretty soon since the writers will need to begin work in late July to start production in September for an April debut.

It’s a long time until April, isn’t it? Sigh!

You can always re-watch the first seasons online (Amazon Prime, iTunes, VUDU, Amazon, XBOX Live, Google Play, Sony PSN, OnDemand) or on DVD/Blu Ray (season 2 available July 15th).

Season 1: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Season 2: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Stay tuned!

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