TV Heartbeat! Orphan Black starts the Cloneversation! Mad Men begins the end! Game changer on Agents of SHIELD!

New and Notable BBC America is bringing back their Saturday nights and you know what that means – Orphan Black! The new season starts next week, but they are showing a special chat between the cast and some fans (including Wil Wheaton and Orlando Jones). Orphan Black: Cloneversation presumably sets the stage for season 2.

My favorite chat show, The Graham Norton Show, starts another season. Who doesn’t love a show where the celebrities all sit together and talk over drinks with a hilarious host who manages not to distract from his guests? However drunk they may be (cough! Marky Mark!). The first episode begins with Russell Crowe and Kylie Minogue.


Mad Men is back for a long goodbye. Like so many shows, the final season will be stretched over two years so the first half of the final season begins this week.

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Fargo makes the jump to the small screen with Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton on FX. Aww yah? Word is it’s worth watching…


Showtime is launching a series produced by James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jerry Weintraub and starring Harrison Ford, Don Cheadle, Jessica Alba, Michael C Hall, Ian Somerhandler and others. What can this series be? It’s a 10 part documentary on climate change called Years of Living Dangerously. Looks like we have a trend of bringing science to the masses.


Thursday: Suits season finale (USA)
Friday: Neighbors (series?) finale (ABC), Kitchen Nightmares premiere (Fox)
Saturday: Bermuda Tentacles debut (Syfy), Orphan Black: Cloneversation (BBC America), Ripper Street season finale (BBC America), The Graham Norton Show premiere (BBC America)
Sunday: MTV Movie awards, Nurse Jackie premiere (Showtime), Californication premiere (Showtime), Years of Living Dangerously debut (Showtime), Mad Men finale season part 1 premiere (AMC),
Monday: Mom finale (CBS), Warehouse 13 final season begins (Syfy), Friends with Better Lives time slot premiere (CBS)
Tuesday: Awkward premiere (MTV), Fargo debut (FX), The Mindy Project new time slot (Fox), Celebrity Wife Swap premiere (ABC)
Wednesday: Real History of Science Fiction debut (BBC America)

Health check To the surprise of no one, HBO renewed Game of Thrones for another 2 seasons. Record ratings for the premiere and crashing HBOGo are a pretty good sign that people like this show. This renewal brings the show up to 6 official seasons – so we’ll hear about more renewals in a few years since the creators have said that the show will likely go to seven seasons. Since those seasons will likely catch up with all the published books in George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, we all better hope the last two books (The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring) come out soon. Martin is hoping that HBO may take a page out of Spartacus and film a prequel season or move to movies to give him some more breathing room.


Word on the street is quite quiet as networks are wrapping up pilots and begin to deliberate on bubble shows. All fates will be revealed by May 16th, but here’s an update on the network shows that are still wondering what they’ll be doing in the fall.

TV Heartbeat check up chart 4-9

Talk Time! Anyone catch Agents of SHIELD this week? Since they’ve started this group of episodes subtitled “Uprising,” the show has finally moved away from being a procedural to a full on-story which has been far more interesting. What did you think?


SPOILER ALERT! The shake-up at SHIELD and with Agent Ward should give the show a big jolt for the next 6 episodes. We’ll see visits from Nick Fury (or whatever his new identity is) and also from Agent Maria Hill before the season is done. In the meantime, Brett Dalton is embracing his inner henchman:

What do you guys think? Did you catch the episode? Will you continue to watch Agents of SHIELD?

Stay tuned!

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