TV Heartbeat! Oscar Winners Invade TV! Bates Motel! New Avengers Trailer! One Month Until Outlander, Orphan Black and Game of Thrones Return!

When CBS closes the door on one procedural, they open the door on another! CBS shuttered its marquee show, CSI, to make way for CSI: Cyber which will focus on tech crimes with newly-minted Academy Award winner Patricia Arquette.

CSI Cyber

USA is betting big on a new “event series,” Dig. The murder of a young American archeologist in Jerusalem starts an investigation that sends FBI Agent Peter Connelly (Harry Potter’s Jason Isaacs without the flowing ice-blonde wig) into the middle of a conspiracy with scared and ancient objects. The ambitious action/mystery also stars Anne Heche, Richard E Grant and Regina Taylor. For more on this, take a gander through my review.

Dig (6)

ABC is launching another Serious Drama about the death and its impact on the town (like Secrets and Lies). This time, American Crime tells the story of a racially charged murder trial staring Oscar winners/nominees Timothy Hutton and Felicity Huffman.

American Crime

The Bates Motel is open for business again! Back for a third season, we’ll re-join Norman who continues his descent from sweet boy to creepy serial killer. What will Norman do now that he knows he blacks out? Now that he’s starting to hallucinate his mother as the devil on his shoulder?


By the way, as an added incentive to watch the new shows this week, they will also have the TV debut of new trailers for some upcoming summer blockbusters. Catch a new trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron during American Crime and the first trailer for Furious 7 during Dig. Odd since the movie doesn’t really fit the tone of the show…

Avengers: Age of Ultron promo press still

Over in the streaming world….Playstation makes its first move into original content with a series based on the comic book, Powers. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt also starts its first of two seasons on Netflix after getting dropped from NBC.

Powers (2)

Tonight: CSI:Cyber debuts (CBS), Broadchurch season premiere (BBC America), Suits season finale (USA)
Thursday: American Crime debuts (ABC), Dig debuts (USA)
Friday: The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt debuts (Netflix), Vice season premiere (HBO)
Saturday: In An Instant debuts (ABC), Chris Hemsworth hosts Saturday Night Live (NBC)
Sunday: Mr. Selfridge season premiere (PBS), Togetherness season finale (HBO), Revenge returns (ABC)
Monday: Late Late Show with James Corden debuts (CBS), Bates Motel season premiere (A&E), The Returned season premiere (A&E)
Tuesday: Powers debut (Playstation)

Health check

Lots and lots of viewers were ready to return to Storybrook after a long hiatus. Once Upon a Time came back with a vengeance. Also, on ABC, the funny/cute Fresh Off the Boat is holding its audience so it’s likely going to get a second season. With Empire steamrolling into a mega-hit for Fox, look for ABC to switch Blackish to Tuesday next season.


Secrets and Lies started off mediocre while Battle Creek is up a creek with a soft start. Last Man on Earth had a solid start, but let’s see if people will be deserting him.

Last Man on Earth

April = Major TV coming up!

This year, April is going to be my favorite month of TV and I am not leaving the house on the weekends! You have one month to catch up and prepare for all the greatness about to hit the airwaves!

Outlander returns with the second half of its first season on April 4th. Just in time, the first 8 episodes are available on DVD, Blu Ray, iTunes and just about any platform. Binge it and thank me later! It’s been a very long 6 months so I can’t wait for this to heat up again! The Novel Strumpet and I will continue to re-cap each episode and give out Outlander swag. The Novel Strumpet will also be attending the Paleyfest Outlander panel so we’ll have some new Outlander news soon!

Outlander TCA 1-15 (5)

Orphan Black is going to start up its third season on April 18th. This is another must-see show and everyone who’s tried it has gotten hooked so make sure you have time to binge the first two season to catch up! If you don’t get BBC America, the first episode of the season will also play simultaneously on AMC, IFC, Sundance and WeTV. The second season ended with the game-changing news of Project Castor so we’re sure to see something completely different this season! Here’s the first new trailer to tease us!

And ratings monster Game of Thrones will be back for a 5th season starting April 12th. The latest poster teases more dragons and, well, who doesn’t love dragons? Or Tyrion for that matter! The show has basically caught up all the available published story for several characters, so it’ll be interesting for book readers to see where things go this season!


Stay tuned!

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