TV Heartbeat Outlander Update! Countdown to the Premiere! New Images of Claire, Jamie and Jack!

11 days to the world premiere of Outlander at San Diego Comic Con!
19 days to the early premiere on Starz online!
26 days until the official series premiere on Starz!

ICYMI: Starz also announced that the first season of Outlander would be split into two parts: The first 8 episodes will air beginning August 9th, while the next 8 episodes of the season will air in “early 2015.”

A bit disappointing for fans who want to devour the show, but this will give them more time to finish up the special effects and editing. Splitting up the season is happening more and more for elaborate and complex story-driven shows (Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and even Ron Moore’s own Battlestar Galactica) so don’t take this as a sign of weak faith in the show from Starz.

The president of the network is so pleased that he can see Outlander as running for “years.” I think Starz seems to finally understand that Outlander may be the biggest show on the network. 25 million book readers are thinking “Well, duh!”

Can’t wait? Well Starz released a few more images to whet your appetite.





Stay tuned!

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