TV Heartbeat Review! Colony invades USA on 1/14!

If you haven’t noticed yet, USA network is mixing up its programming. Instead of lighter dramas, USA is going big with ambitious shows like Golden Globe winner Mr Robot and The Dig (not so successful, but certainly a swing for the fences). Next up: Colony, a new series from Carlton Cuse (Lost, Bates Motel) about survival in occupied territory.

USA Colony josh holloway

Colony takes place in Los Angeles in the near future, but it’s not clear what’s happened. But whatever went down, it wasn’t good for LA residents. They’re now living life with rationing, curfews and armed police everywhere. Oh, and there’s an enormous wall encircling the city and occasionally space ships zip by.

While it may look like the citizens of LA are complying with the new occupation, not everything is easy. Some collaborators are living an easy life, but other people need to scrounge around to find the basic necessities. When Will Bowman (Lost’s Josh Holloway) goes searching for his son, he will change his family’s role in the occupation.


Anything by Carlton Cuse is bound to be interesting and Colony is worth watching as a sort of slow-burn. No one’s stealing a space ship and planning an assault on the Death Star quite yet. There’s a lot of mystery about what happened, who the invaders are, why just LA, etc… But Holloway and Sarah Wayne Callies (as his wife Katie who has an agenda of her own), are interesting enough to hold the story as the answers are slowly dripped out over the season.


Colony begins on Thursday, January 14th on USA.

Stay tuned!

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