TV Heartbeat Review! The Last Ship Kicks Off Season 2 with a Bang!

Did you catch The Last Ship on TNT last summer? As the top rated new show on cable, I’m guessing a fair amount of you got sucked into the suspense drama (like me!). The new season begins on Sunday and they’ve amped up the action for the season premiere.

Last season, the U.S.S. Nathan James returns from a remote research mission only to find that a nasty virus killed most of the world’s population. Captain Chandler (Eric Dane aka McSteamy) and XO Slattery (Adam Baldwin aka the man they call Jayne) lead the crew on a new mission – to find a cure. Luckily, paleomicrobiologist Dr. Rachel Scott (Rhona Mitra from Underworld) is aboard and working on a cure.

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Season two picks up right where season one ended – Captain Chandler has to deal with the local government (headed by Alfre Woodard) who has kidnapped Dr. Scott and he has to try to stop the death camp at Olympia. A temporary alliance with the rebels may tip the scales in their favor.  Back on the Nathan James, Slattery’s hands are full as the militant government is taking over the ship to steal the cure.

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As one of the most senior members left on the ship, the lady engineer, CDR Garnett (Fay Masterson) has to keep her fellow imprisoned officers under control. Lt. Granderson (Christina Elmore), daughter of the head of the corrupt local government, has to decide which side she’s on. Commander Jeter (Charles Parnell) gets his own little adventure watching over Chandler’s family.

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There’s a lot going on, but that’s a good thing! Season one was great with its brisk pace and interesting twists on the virus’ origins and the search for the cure. The one thing the show needed was better development of the supporting cast since most of the officers were interchangeable. This season, with the group splintered into different situations, the personalities come through to better balance the cast. Tex Nolan (John Pyper Ferguson), the drifter they picked up last season, is still one of the stand out characters since he adds much needed variety.

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If you missed the first season, you have time to binge and catch up before the new season premieres. So strap in and enjoy the ride! The Last Ship airs Sunday on TNT.

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Stay tuned!

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