TV Heartbeat Review! Who’s joining the Red Band Society? Laughter and Tears from the New Show!! Enter our Red Band Society Giveaway!

The people have spoken! Red Band Society is one of the most anticipated new shows of the season by TV Heartbeat readers! Good choice people!

Pop culture goes through various phases, right? Vampires, zombies, dystopian futures and now, laughing while enduring terminal illnesses. Strange that it’s such a popular topic, but with The Fault in Our Stars, Chasing Life and now Red Band Society, embracing life is making a comeback.

Red Band Society (5)

And that’s the theme at the heart of Red Band Society – living, laughing and enjoying life.

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Red Band Society takes place in a hospital where terminally ill teens take up residence in the pediatric ward of Ocean Park Hospital to maintain their medical treatment. As different as they are, they bond together and use the red hospital wristbands as a symbol of their friendship. Produced by Steven Spielberg, the pilot does a great job of setting the tone (very tricky!) and introducing us to some of the characters and setting up the greater story for the show.

There’s Kara, the tough, mean-girl cheerleader (played by Zoe Levin) who is recently admitted to the hospital

Red Band Society (4)

Charlie (Griffin Gluck), the boy in a coma who narrates (yes, he narrates from a coma!)

Red Band Society pics (9)

Emma (Ciara Bravo), the overachiever anorexic

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Leo (Charlie Rowe), the long-term resident

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Jordi (Nolan Sotillo), the new guy and Leo’s new roommate

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Dash (Astro aka Brian Bradley), the other dude who we don’t get to know much about yet (there’s only so much they can cover in a pilot!)

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This motley group is watched over by tough-tender Nurse Jackson (Octavia Spencer)…

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…and a brilliant doctor (Dave Annable).

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What you may not expect in a show featuring terminally ill kids is the humor. The tone is similar to Glee’s snarkiness, but with a tad less cynicism and more authenticity. There’s tons of drama inherent in the story so there are plenty of emotional moments, but they’re balanced by the humor so they are not so saccharine.

Red Band Society (1)

Red Band Society is definitely a show worth watching! Carve it into your Wednesday night schedule and tune into Fox!

To celebrate its premiere, I’m giving away an awesome Red Band Society shirt (medium) and a four Red Band Society rubber bracelets so you can start your own group (terminal illnesses not required!!).

Red Band Society Prize Pack

To enter, comment on which character you think might be your favorite and use the rafflecopter below! The contest begins now and ends on September 25th!

Stay tuned!

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