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Happy anniversary to TV Heartbeat! Yes, it’s been one year since we started to bring you the news on the health of your favorite TV shows and what’s new and notable out there! This week is actually pretty light as the last of summer wraps up.

Lifetime is hoping we all want to head back to school to visit the Saved by the Bell gang! Before Showgirls, Access Hollywood, White Collar and Franklin & Bash, they were kids at Bayside High School! This unauthorized movie looks at how Mark-Paul Gossler, Mario Lopez, Dustin Diamond, Lark Voorhies, Elizabeth Berkley and Tiffani Amber-Thiessen dealt with Saturday morning TV success. We know that Jessie Spano will be so excited!

Unauthorized Save by the Bell

The History Channel is chronically the life of the original magical superstar in Houdini. Harry Houdini (Adrien Brody) led a rather colorful life of fame, espionage, spiritualists and much more.


Although we’re deep in summer, Disney still wants to keep you frozen with an ABC special The Story of Frozen: Making a Disney Animated Classic which, ahem, just happens to include a preview of Elsa and Anna on Once Upon A Time. Corporate synergy at work!


Sunday: Falling Skies season finale (TNT)
Monday: The Unauthorized Saved By the Bell Story (Lifetime), Houdini (History)
Tuesday: The Story of Frozen: Making a Disney Animated Classic (ABC)

Outlander this week!

Claire is no longer waiting for permission to get back to Craigh na Dun and thus, back to her life and Frank! Now she’s taking matters into to her own hands. Did you catch Mrs. Fitz’s comments last week about the upcoming Gathering? All the clansmen will be headed to Castle Leoch to renew their loyalty vows. Sounds like a perfect time to sneak away in all that confusion, right? Right?!?!?

OUT-104 Claire stables

Find out on Saturday which marks the halfway point of the fall season of Outlander. (So soon?!?! Ach!!) One thing to look for: author Diana Gabaldon’s acting debut! She’s one of the extras at the Gathering so look out for her! She detailed the behind-the scenes process in a couple of posts so you can read about it here and here!

As usual, we’ll be posting our Recap and Reflection after the East/Central premiere on Saturday and this will include the last chance to enter our contest for the first Outlander prize pack. (We have more prize packs to come — each pack is a little different!)

Swag pack 1

By the way, I’ll be up in lovely Toronto this weekend so I won’t be able to live tweet Outlander. Sadness! But this is a major episode so don’t miss it!!!

Health check

Outlander’s ratings continue to grow each week and last week’s episode had an audience of around 1 million viewers! So glad to see the audience grows as the weeks go by!

Lost Girl will call it quits after the upcoming fifth season. The last season will have 3 more episodes so they can break the final season into two parts. Shows are doing this more and more since they usually have talent signed for a specific number of years and this way they can squeeze out an additional season without seeing the big step up in salaries that would come with contract negotiations.

Lost girl

Talk time

True Blood met the final death with a very poorly received finale. I have to agree with folks since I think a good finale needs to tie up loose ends and hit the right emotional note. You need to satisfy the heart and the mind really. This finale tried to hit those notes, but missed which gives us an unsatisfying ending to top off a few weak seasons. If you haven’t caught up on the finale, skip the rest of the article because SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!

True Blood struggled to find happy endings to the fine folks of Bon Temps who have to be some of the most tortured peopled. I’m glad they brought back Hoyt, but this forced wedding was really fast and made no sense! Bill was committing suicide so that Sookie would live a normal life and not be tethered to a vampire. However, it’s fine for Hoyt to marry a vampire. What?!?!? Yeah, that didn’t sense.


My other issue was more major – how much of a douche was Bill? He’s always been a difficult character to enjoy since he was uptight and tortured by his past. When he decided he wanted to die, why did he insist that Sookie kill him?!?!? Of all the people to help him on that, why pick someone who was dead set against his death? Couldn’t he go out and meet the sun? Or Grab a gun with wooden bullets and pull the trigger? Ask Eric or Pam to do it!! But Sookie? This was supposed to be an emotional high point for the show with Bill’s “self sacrifice,” but it turned into a needless way to torture Sookie to make her sit in a pile of Bill goo. This pretty much sealed the deal on Bill being selfish and stupid; not the heroic martyr the show intended, this scene pretty much ruined the finale for me.


Author Charlaine Harris (who had a cameo in the final episode behind the camera monitors as Eric and Pam taped their testimonial) had a difficult time ending the books as well. I think I’ll pull a page from X-Files fans and enjoy the first seasons and pretend the later ones don’t exist.


How about you guys? Did everyone feel the same way or did you enjoy the finale?

Stay tuned!

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