TV Heartbeat! Skitters! The Wolf Pack! Scream! 2nd Chance for Hannibal?

Welcome to a slightly delayed edition of TV Heartbeat this week! TV this week turns supernatural and scary with aliens, werewolves, wild animals, serial killers and more!

Showtime’s long-running Nurse Jackie has her final shift tonight. Will Edie Falco’s rehab-repeating, pill-popping nurse finally end up in rehab or on the path to recovery?

nurse jackie edie falco showtime signed autograph
It’s the final season for TNT’s Falling Skies! The humans are prepping for the final battle, but first we heed to figure out what happened to Tom (Noah Wyle).

The wolf pack is back! No, not the Bradley Cooper wolf pack! MTV’s Teen Wolf is back with the show’s biggest bads yet – the Dread Doctors. Mad scientists on a mission.

Teen Wolf season 5

How about mad animals on a mission? (Maybe.) CBS is debuting a new limited series, Zoo, based on the James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge novel. Animals around the world are suddenly attacking humans. Zoologoist Jackson Oz (James Wolk) tries to puzzle out what’s happening.


And now we go to mad killers on a mission – MTV is also debuting Scream this week. In the same vein as the movies, a YouTube video goes viral, triggering murder and mayhem in the small town of Lakewood. The cast includes Willa Fitzgerald, Bex Taylor-Klaus, Tracy Middendorf, John Karna, Amelia Rose Blaire and Bella Thorne.

Thursday: Under the Dome season premiere (CBS), Graceland season premiere (USA), Rookie Blue season premiere (ABC), Boom! debut (Fox)
Saturday: Atlantis season premiere (BBC America)
Sunday: Humans debut (AMC), Falling Skies final season premiere (TNT), Nurse Jackie series finale (Showtime)
Monday: Teen Wolf season premiere (MTV)
Tuesday: Zoo debut (CBS), Scream debut (MTV)
Wednesday: Extant season premiere (CBS)

Health check

Did you guys watch Mr. Robot last night on USA? The network is betting you liked what you saw and has already renewed the show before any of the ratings came in. I enjoyed the pilot — an interesting slow, burn with a unique voice so I do want to see more. Still, an early renewal before the debut is highly unusual for this network so let’s see if they made the right bet.

Mr Robot

Meanwhile, Amazon is betting on their winning horse, Transparent. The Golden Globe winner is coming back for a third season even before season 2 is ready to stream.


The big news of the week is the cancellation of Hannibal. The Hollywood Reporter had a chat with Bryan Fuller who says that there is still a chance the show may get picked up – possibly by Amazon since that’s the show’s streaming partner. Bryan also teases that he’s got a big idea for this potential 4th season and that Clarice Starling would likely appear in the theoretical 5th season. This is a show that fits better with cable or streaming so let’s hope it finds a home!

For fans who can’t get enough of Hannibal, you can buy a souvenir in the Hannibal auction that starts today. Hannibal’s kitchen knife, strait jacket…some really fun/twisted stuff for every Fannibal.


Stay tuned!

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