TV Heartbeat! Results Of The Reader Poll! Plus The Finales Of Under The Dome! Burn Notice! The Scoop On Returning Favorites! Premiere Dates!

It’s time for another edition of TV Heartbeat!

The Lovely Erica has the results of last weeks poll and the scoop on when your favorites are coming back to the airwaves! NICE!

Did you favorite show make the cut? Inquiring minds want to know!

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What’s happening now?

Orphan Black is back!!! No, we’re not getting new episodes of Orphan Black (not until April – sigh!), but for those that missed the show, you’re in luck!

orphan-black-feature image rare promo photo shoot

BBC America is replaying the excellent first season on Saturdays. Welcome to the trip!!

And now it’s time to say farewell with some finales this week!

Burn Notice is bidding us a final, fond farewell! The series wraps up after 7 seasons where we’ll learn the ultimate fate of Michael Weston and his loyal crew.

Burn Notice - Season 7 press promo photo

The summer hit, Under the Dome, will also be saying adieu with a cliffhanger ending on Monday. With the success of this show, hopefully we’ll be seeing some other original scripted series next summer.


The first season for Heroes of Cosplay wraps up on Syfy this week. There’s been a lot of chatter about how this show is overdramatized (cosplay people are only in it for competition prizes!), contrived (these folks do not spend any time at the con – just the competition), and superficial (the cosplayers don’t come off as fans – it’s a business for them), and sexist (they follow one guy and the rest are females who dress in revealing costumes). It’s great to see some attention on cosplayers, but I wish they’d have some additional depth by exploring the camaraderie within the cosplay community and how cosplay is an expression of how much they really love these characters/shows.

Heroes of cosplay rare press promo photo hot rare

More premieres! Heads will roll!! Sleepy Hollow begins next week!

Sleepy hollow rare promo press photo hot fox series

Also check out Brooklyn Nine-Nine which is getting some critical buzz as well.

Brooklyn nine nice rare promo cast photo rare andy samberg

A lot of the new premieres this week are from Fox – the rest of their new shows will launch in October after the MLB playoffs are over:

Tonight: The X Factor (Fox)
Friday: Haven (Syfy)
Saturday: Orphan Black (BBC America)
Sunday: Foyle’s War (PBS)
Monday: Dancing with the Stars (ABC), Bones (Fox), Sleepy Hollow (Fox)
Tuesday: Dads (Fox), Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Fox), New Girl (Fox), The Mindy Project (Fox)
Wednesday: Survivor (CBS)

Favorite returning shows will start to trickle back next week so clear your DVRs! According to the poll results, many Mike the Fanboy readers have a little bit more time until the top shows are back on air. The top Mike the Fanboy favorites include:

Arrow (begins 10/9)

Arrow rare press promo photo hot stephen amell rare promo

Once Upon A Time (begins 9/29)
True Blood (probably begins sometime next June)
Sherlock (begins probably in January)
Elementary (begins 9/26)

Thanks to everyone who participated! Hats off to the individual who watches a record 51 shows! This person either has Hermione’s time turner or should give lessons on time management. Other Mike the Fanboy reader faves include:

Returning shows word cloud arrow once upon a time rare sons of anarchy

Alright! That wraps up another episode of TV heartbeat.
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