TV Heartbeat! The Walking Dead & Black Sails Finales! TV Gets Biblical! Dress like Orphan Black’s Clones!

The Walking Dead wraps up season 5 this Sunday with a 90-minute episode. That’s right! 30 more minutes of zombies to tide us over until the next season! We’ll get more Daryl in this episode as he runs into trouble on a recruitment run. Also, we’ll learn more about the impact of Rick’s latest breakdown on the group’s status in Alexandria. Can’t get enough of  The Walking Dead? We actually won’t have to wait until October to see zombies again — the new companion series of life in zombie Los Angeles will probably debut around August/September.

Walking dead 5-15

Black Sails also signs off for the season, but fear not! The series was already renewed for a third season even before this one started. Next season we’ll see Ray Stevenson (Thor, Punisher, Divergent) as the legendary pirate Blackbeard.


With last year’s huge success for The Bible, networks are bring more ancient stories to the screen. This week, CBS has The Dovekeepers which is an adaption of the Alice Hoffman book about a group of Jews who fled to safety at King Herod’s Masada fortress. The Dovekeepers will be a two night event starting Tuesday.


National Geographic is airing Killing Jesus which is based on the book by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard. This tells the tale of the political, social, and historical conflicts that ultimately led to Jesus’ death. The cast includes Kelsey Grammar and Stephen Moyer.


Thursday: Bones returns (Fox)
Friday: Hart of Dixie series finale (The CW)
Saturday: Black Sails season finale (Starz)
Sunday: The Walking Dead season finale (AMC), Killing Jesus debut (Nat Geo), 2015 iheartradio Music Awards (NBC), Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief debut (HBO)
Tuesday: Weird Loners debut (Fox), The Dovekeepers debuts (CBS), Finding Carter season premiere (MTV)

Dress like a clone!

We’re a few weeks away from the season 3 premiere of Orphan Black and, to celebrate they are launching a clothing line that lets you dress like your favorite grafter/soccer mom/science geek/psychopath. Yes, BBC America is teaming up with Hot Topic for this limited collection which goes on sale April 13th. A one-stop shop for cosplay before the April 18t premiere!

hot topic orphan black

Health check

After starting strong, Dig is now in a hole with audiences. The historic, conspiracy thriller lost a chunk of its viewers and they haven’t come back and now it looks like the show may not either. Considering how expensive it was to produce this show, USA will likely let all the episodes of the limited series play out.

Dig (6)

So much drama about comedy!
With Emmy’s recent tweaking to its category rules, comedies are now defined as half hour shows– because length is clearly a measure of how funny a show is!  The rule is meant to limit the number of shows which jump back and forth between drama and comedy categories according to where they thing they have better chance at winning.  In the wake of this new rules, a few shows appealed their classification and the TV academy has now decreed that Shameless, Jane the Virgin and Glee are funny and can be considered in the comedy category. However, Orange is the New Black is not funny and therefore a drama. Yep, a lot of drama for these comedies!

Orange is the new black press still jengi kohan rare promo

Stay tuned!

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