TV Heartbeat! Veronica Mars is Back! Red Band Society and Z Nation Premieres! More Walking Dead on the Way!

Alright! We’ve survived a couple of weeks of minimal notable shows and we are now rewarded with a few big premieres this week!

Attention Marshmallows!!! We’re headed back to Neptune!! Veronica Mars and the gang are back together! Sort of! Ryan Hansen plays a desperate Ryan Hansen who’s bound and determined to make a Veronica Mars spinoff featuring Dick Casablancas as a P.I. (Sure. Dick would be a great private dick.) The catch is The CW won’t produce the show unless the original cast members return so Ryan has to pitch the show to Kristen Bell, Jason Dohring, Enrico Colantoni and more. Catch Play it Again, Dick on The CW Seed, the online channel.

Play it Again Dick poster

When networks go on a screening binge before the premiere, it’s because they have a lot of confidence in the show. Fox took Red Band Society on a tour earlier this summer since they have a lot of confidence in the dramedy about terminally ill kids who live in a hospital. Despite the tough subject matter, the show is about life and is worth watching. I’ll have more on this show this week (and some swag to hand out!) so keep this show on your watch list!


Zombies are on the rise! Syfy launches their own zombie series, Z Nation, this week with a cast that includes Tom Everett Scott (That Thing You Do!) and Harold Perrineau (Lost, Matrix movies, Oz). This zombie show is about the pursuit of a possible cure during a zombie apocalypse since one person, Citizen Z, is inexplicably immune. I’ll have more on Z Nation tomorrow including more details on how this is different than that other zombie show.

Z Nation (3)

Best-selling author Nicholas Sparks (The Notebook) makes his television debut as a producer on the Lifetime movie Deliverance Creek. Lauren Ambrose (Six Feet Under) is a widow and mother of three who is determined to protect her family and land at any cost during the Civil War.

Deliverance Creek

Tonight: Hell’s Kitchen season premiere (Fox)
Thursday: The Biggest Loser: Glory Days season premiere (NBC), Thursday Night Football (CBS), Haven season premiere (Syfy)
Friday: Z Nation debut (Syfy)
Saturday: Deliverance Creek debut (Lifetime)
Sunday: American Dad season premiere (Fox)
Monday: Dancing with the Stars season premiere (ABC), American Ninja Warrior season finale (NBC)
Tuesday: New Girl season premiere (Fox), The Mindy Project season premiere (Fox), Play it Again, Dick debut (The CW Seed)
Wednesday: Red Band Society debut (Fox), America’s Got Talent season premiere (NBC), Mysteries of Laura debut (NBC), Extant season (series?) finale (CBS)

Outlander this week!

Saturday can’t come fast enough, can it? Ending an episode like last week’s should be illegal! Arg!!!

For anyone who thinks they can grab a spoiler from the book, you’re out of luck! The whole scene is new so book readers know eventually what will happen, but not how.

OUT_106-Claire Dougal Foster

With this many red coats (and Black Jack Randall), things can’t go well for our girl, right?

OUT_106-Jack windows

Three more days until Saturday!!

Health check

Utopia, the Fox reality show featuring some of the most unpleasant people on the planet, wasn’t quite the huge ratings juggernaut Fox was hoping for. In fact, the latest results are quite dismal so we may never see if these folks can make it work. Yeah, we’re all waiting in suspense! (Was my sarcasm showing there…?)


Crystal Ball

ICYMI, AMC has officially greenlit a “spinoff” for The Walking Dead. This was sort of a no-brainer as AMC is in need of new blood. Breaking Bad has had its victory lap and Mad Men will begin its final run next year. The network’s new shows (Halt and Catch Fire, Turn or Turn: Washington’s Spies in case the explicit name will attract more viewers) are struggling to find audiences. That means they need to stretch out their cash cow as much as possible and more Talking Dead episodes won’t cut it. The Walking Dead is a phenomenon, but its budget is swelling up like crazy so a new version would be a way to cut down costs and, hopefully, borrow viewers.

Walking Dead (2)

This new series isn’t officially a spinoff because the new series is basically a do-over of The Walking Dead. We will follow new characters in a different location from the beginning. It should have a different feel since Sons of Anarchy’s Dave Erickson will be showrunning the series. Let’s hope this new series doesn’t churn through showrunners like the first one did! In the meantime, enjoy the new trailer for the fifth season of The Walking Dead!

Stay tuned!

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