TV Heartbeat! Viking invasion! Khal Drogo is back! More True Detective (yeah!) and Heroes (ugh!)

What’s happening now? New content! In the next week, your favorite shows will stop with the re-runs and start with the new episodes. (And there was much rejoicing!)

Vikings are back for a second invasion on the History channel! This season fast forwards a few years so that Ragnar is now an early with a grown up son (played by Hunger Games’ Alexander Ludwig). His position is also challenged by the King of Wessex (played by Linus Roache of Law & Order and Batman Begins) and his own restless/wandering nature.


My sun and stars, Khal Drogo is back! The Sundance Channel is launching a new TV series called The Red Road which focuses on tense relations between a small town and a federally unrecognized Native American tribe. Starring Jason Momoa, Martin Henderson, Lisa Bonet and Tom Sizemore, it’s a dark, dramatic thriller.


It’s time to check back into the Bates Motel! After that stunning first season, Norma and Norman are back and will be accompanied by their own follow up show, Bates Motel: After Hours. BTW, the Bates folks want to send someone to San Diego Comic Con and will be putting them up at the Bates Motel. (Incest not included, I think) Head to to enter!


Award season finally (finally!) hits its climax this weekend. The Independent Spirit Awards will be broadcast on Saturday (IFC). Hosted by Patton Oswalt, this show focuses on honoring movies with smaller budgets, including 12 Years A Slave, Inside Llewyn Davis and Nebraska. Then the granddaddy of them all, the Oscars, will be on Sunday with Ellen DeGeneres as host. Look for more musical numbers this time and for Gravity and 12 Years A Slave to collect some statues.


Tonight: Mixology (ABC), Nashville spring premiere (ABC), Survivor (CBS), The Americans (FX), Legit (FXX)
Thursday: Reign (The CW), Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal (ABC) spring premieres, The Crazy Ones and Two and a Half Men swap timeslots (CBS), Vikings (History), The Red Road (Sundance)
Friday: Betty White’s Off Their Rockers (Lifetime), Hannibal (NBC)
Saturday: Jim Parsons hosts Saturday Night Live (NBC), Spirit Awards (IFC)
Sunday: Academy Awards
Monday: Bates Motel (A&E), Those Who Kill (A&E), Bates Motel: After Hours (A&E)
Tuesday: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. spring premiere (ABC)

Health check Death comes to those all who live and those with an afterlife, I guess. Syfy just announced that the current season of Being Human will be the last. Look for a big finale when the show ends in early April!

Being Human - Season 4

HBO has been happy with the ratings for Girls, Looking and True Detective. Girls is already renewed and given the (deserved) critical praise for True Detective, they’re scrambling to figure out what a second season would look like since its stars/producers Woody Harrelson, Matthew McConaughey and director (for the whole series!) Cary Fukunaga won’t be returning. It makes sense for Cohle and Hart not to return given the flashback format, but Kukunaga could stay on as director. Only, he has a bajillion movies lines up so he’s back to movies. Look for a True Detective renewal announcement once they figure out what to do!


Crystal Ball CSI is getting an update of sorts. Since the NY and Miami editions have been cancelled, the team has been stewing about ideas for a new spinoff. Word is there will be another hour of CSI on TV again – this time with a focus on tech crimes.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

It’s almost official – it looks like Noah Wyle will be back as the Librarian! Don’t worry, he’s still in Falling Skies, but TNT is looking to launch a 10 episode series featuring a team of folks who will anchor the show. Noah is expected to make guest appearances – kind of a Charlie to his Angels.


The internet briefly exploded last Friday with the news about Heroes Reborn. NBC is frantic to get their own comic book TV show and since Marvel is locked with ABC and The CW/CBS will have first rights to DC and Fox has Gotham so they made a desperate move and are bringing back Heroes. Oh dear.

Don’t get me wrong! I enjoyed parts of the first season (the Bryan Fuller parts), and they launched a lot of interesting actors. But the inability to kill off any characters (OMG! They killed Nathan! Again!), the inconsistency of the characters (Sylar is good! Sylar is bad!) and the focus on having women who were either strippers or cheerleaders (at least for the first season) didn’t endear me to the show. This is what happens when you have a showrunner who doesn’t understand comics in charge of a comic show – you get a lot of great ideas that make no story sense. (eg: Zack Snyder in Watchmen or, cough, other films). Let’s see if they can fix what wasn’t working and not get so enamored with their own ideas that it’s a hot mess. What do you guys think?


Stay tuned!

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