The New Underworld Movie Brings Back One Cast Member… But It’s Not Kate Beckinsale! Doh!

The Underworld train keeps on rolling.

One of the questions I had for the new “reboot” or sequel is if Divergent star Theo James would be back. Well, it looks like that questions has been answered.

The Underworld Awakening world movie premiere with hot and sexy kate beckinsale signing autographs for fans
Theo James played David in Underworld: Awakening. He is a vampire, who helped Selene with his whip-like silver weapon. Hey, it looked rad on screen!

According to The Wrap, it looks like the producers are exercising a clause in Theo James contract that he signed before Divergent came out.

They also said, that it looks like Theo James will be co-starring with two female leads.

sexy Theo James signing autographs

So, does that mean Kate Beckinsale’s not back? If it’s not a reboot, I think it’ll be pretty odd considering the ending of Underworld: Awakening was basically leading to everyone looking for Michael, AKA Kate Beckinsale’s lover and the father of her child.

theo james signed autograph individual mini poster Divergent cast theo james Shailene Woodley jimmy kimmel live 201414

I love the Underworld films, but come on Kate Beckinsale… Maybe just a final film.

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