Vikings Season 3 Episode 3 Recap! Warrior’s Fate! King Ecbert’s Plans Come Into Light! Bjorn’s Mistake! The Mysterious Stranger!

Vikings season three is going along full steam. In the third episode of the season a lot happens and Anushika has an amazing recap for you all.

Let’s just say, King Ecbert’s plans are being revealed, Lagertha gets the moves put on her, and poor Bjorn!

Check out Anushika’s recap of Vikings season 3 episode 3 Warrior’s Fate below!

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Vikings S3E3: Warrior’s Fate

The episode opens with Helga bringing the stranger to Queen Aslaug and Siggy. He is in need of help with his cut hand. A massive man with a boo boo. Come on! Glad I’m not the only one who thinks this might just be a Con job. Siggy seems to be very suspicious and begins to question him. He introduces himself as Harbard, a wanderer and a story-teller. He claims he sings for his supper. When Harbard mentions Ragnar, Aslaug tells this stranger that all men are out raiding without giving it a second thought. Siggy’s “No You Didn’t” face was priceless. You can almost see her screaming “Idiot!” through her eyes. Aslaug didn’t even realize how she disclosed their vulnerability.

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The story goes back to Wessex where King Ecbert is traveling to the new settlement accompanied by his advisors. He snaps at them for talking behind his back. I thought their hair was a bad life decision, but crossing King Ecbert takes the cake. The nobles question him as to why he is so willing to share their farming secrets without getting the Northman’s boat building secrets in return. They insist that the Pagans at least need to convert to the one true God in order to have any peace in the new settlement. King Ecbert finally reveals his master plan. The bigger picture is drawn. He stresses that shooing away a few farmers was the only price they had to pay to get Ragnar’s help in gaining the enormous kingdom of Mercia for “Our Puppet” Princess Kwenthrith. A small price for a greater gain. He goes on to say how the success of the new settlement is uncertain. King Ecbert might be giving the Northman false hope until he gets what he really wants. The new information silences his advisors. Well, at least for now.

Harbard (Kevin Durand) vikings season 3

Floki is definitely a man of the Gods and struggles the most spiritually when it comes to religion. He is still not happy about fighting for the Christians since he is completely devoted to his Gods. He doesn’t want to be an “errand boy” for King Ecbert and fight for a cause he doesn’t believe. Ragnar asserts it’s for their kids and the future generations. That’s the greater good he sees. He is a true unselfish leader who is not out for personal glory or fame. Floki doesn’t believe in peace between the Christians and Pagans. Rollo, who used to be impulsive, has reformed and is actually being an agent of peace. We get to see the calmer version. Ragnar is still not happy with Porunn and Bjorn. He gets agitated every time he sees them lost in their own world. Bjorn enjoys putting war paint on Porunn a little too much. Ragnar bursts their bubble by getting all up on Bjorn’s face asking “Are you finish?” Feisty! You have to feel for Ragnar, they are preparing to go to battle, not the county fair.

Queen Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland) and Siggy (Jessalyn GIlsig)

As the warriors were departing, Princess Kwenthrith begs Ragnar to spare his brother Burgred. Poor Torstein, who looks like all the blood has drawn out of body, wants to join the battle and asks Rollo to take him along. His health is deteriorating and he clearly wants to die in battle as a warrior rather than a feeble casualty. When Rollo questions his strength, Torstein gets up replies, “As you can see you bastard, I’m perfectly able to fight. Never been better”. Rollo understands and respects his request.

King Ecbert and his party reach the settlement baring gifts. Lagertha surprises him by greeting with their native tongue. No more need for our little messenger boy, Athelstan. Even though King Ecbert has been showering Lagertha with praises and gifts, all her walls came crashing down as soon as she saw this gift. He gave her a new and improved plough for a better harvest. Yup, you heard it right. He figured the “Tool” to her heart. His intentions were quite clear when he said, “I like to experiment between our cultures. Ploughing, fertilizing, sowing seed are the very basics of life.” Dam! He did not hold back on the dirty talk.

Lagertha and King Ecbert’s foreplay continues as the scene switches to the impending battle on top of Mercian hill. The army on top of the hill is not visible. It might potentially be a trap. Torstein volunteers to go ahead of the rest to assess the situation. Everyone knows what he is doing and what’ll most likely happen. Torstein’s true courage and sacrifice will definitely earn him a seat in the great hall. Even in his feeble state, he still manages to take a man down with him. As soon as he goes down, the Viking warriors charge. More troops are assembles at the base of the crater, but Aethelwulf’s soldiers surrounds them and takes care of the rest. They spare Kwenthrith’s brother, Prince Bergred’s life. The Mercian army seriously needs to re-evaluate their game plans. They keep screwing themselves over and over again. Porunn gets injured gravely. I can’t say I didn’t see that one coming. The battle ends with Prince Bergred’s surrender.

Meanwhile, Harbard shares his adventures of Utgard around the fireplace back in Kattegat. He sounds more like a riddler than a story-teller. Aslaug and Helga are absolutely enchanted by his over-animated tales. Maybe Siggy isn’t mesmerized by Habart because whenever he looks over, she rolls her eyes so back into her head, he can’t capture her gaze. Excuse my language, but she totally sports a “Resting Bitchface” while listening to his stories. She is like So Over it, but hangs tight. We have to admire her patience and caution. When Ivar cries, Harbard questions about him and Aslaug says he is “No one” Outch! Maybe she is finally at her wits end. Harbard insists on seeing him saying, “He needs to see me” and takes Iver’s pain away just by gently stroking his head. He is definitely more than a regular human. A demi God? Odin himself in disguise? Who knows, but I hope we’ll find out soon.

Back in Wessex, King Ecbert invites Lagertha and Athelstan to his villa. He takes them into his Roman bath house. It doesn’t take too long before we see all of them naked getting drunk in the massive hot tub. It’s like spring break in the “Ye Olde Countryside”. Then again, it’s Lagertha. She brings the “Heat” with her. Paris is mentioned for the first time by King Ecbert and Lagertha shows interest in the city. Athelstan does “The Reach” and pours Princess Judith another goblet of wine. Once so bold Princess Judith actually shies away from the whole situation saying, “This is wrong”. She exits the bathhouse briskly. We blink and the next thing we see is Lagertha conquering King Ecbert. Houston, we have contact! Clearly feeling like a third wheel, Athelstan follows Princess Judith out of the bathhouse. Never thought I’d ever see Athelstan half naked wearing just a towel. Someone’s been lifting anvils. Who knew? He should really let those abs breath more often. Just saying. Athelstan attempts to console Princess Judith saying she didn’t do anything wrong, nothing happened. She replies, “That’s the point. I wanted something to happen”. Oh Judith!

RIP Torstein. May you forever feast with the Gods in Valhalla. Floki mourns for Torstein and in a fit of rage accuses Ragnar for his passing and ask how many more needs to die for Ragnar’s Christians. In Floki’s eyes, Torstein died a pointless death for a hill he didn’t want. He goes on to say, “Is that what your friend Athelstan has persuaded you to do?” We come across another love triangle involving none other than our tiny Viking. Ragnar used to seek his council, but it ceased after Athelstan came into the picture. Ragnar’s curiosity in the new religion and culture made him pick the priest over treasure. Knowledge over riches. Floki loves Ragnar and struggles to gain ground with him. Regardless of his stance, he’ll always be loyal. Ragnar argues that nothing is forced on them. They all came on their own accord and they die when they are fated to die. He ends the argument by snapping at Floki saying they all have the free will to do anything up to their final moment, and until then, “Shut your face”.

Rollo distracts Ragnar to come see Bjorn. Porunn is hurt badly, but still alive. Ragnar already disapproves of them, or maybe just their behavior. Bjorn blames himself for not protecting her. Ragnar claims, “That is what her shield is for”. He absolutely loses his mind when Bjorn reveals her pregnancy. Ragnar slaps him and blames him for risking his unborn child. He continues his scolding by saying, “You have the strength of a man, but a will of a little girl. I can’t believe you are my son”. Bjorn, who is already beating himself up gets chastised by his father, Ragnar. Rollo knows too well about being in Bjorn’s shoes. He himself has been under Ragnar’s disapproving gaze. He shows sympathy and offer Bjorn some comfort. Rollo asks him to be a man and not wallow in self-pity. He urges Bjorn to pull Porunn back from the gates of Valhalla, and “Make it worth her while, for she is already at the gates”.

King Ragnar (Travis Fimmel)

Princess Kwenthrith’s brother, Burgred attempts to apologize and ask for forgiveness from Ragnar. Let’s just say he walked away forgiven and with a huge headache. I’d be lying if I say I don’t like Ragnar’s “Crazy-Eye” moments. It’s as if his alter ego is trying to pop out of his body. He might look content and reasonable, but “Berserker” blood still runs in his veins.

Meanwhile, back in Kattegat two little children get caught in the net of a fisherman. Everyone is baffled since they were drowned so far out in sea. Siggy spots Harbard and her suspicions about him grows.

Rollo (Clive Standen) and Ragnar (Travis FImmel)

Back in Wessex, King Ecbert visits Lagertha with good news. He shares the defeat of the Mercian armies. In the spirit of celebration, Athelstan asks them to stay for the first crop and sacrifice for Freyja. Even though his advisors protest, he forces them to stay. Lagertha performed the ceremony and she definitely created the “Upsala” mood. She is such a bad ass. I mean, this woman is the ultimate symbol of fierceness. How do you look that hot in bed sheets? Besides seeing her battle, this was probably one of her best scenes. She carries such a tremendous presence. The sacrifice and the blood bath that followed shook King Ecbert. It either scared him, or just totally turned him on. He regretted his decision to stay the moment the cow’s head hit the ground. Reality check indeed.

The episode ends with Siggy visiting the Seer. She seeks his advice as she tries to make sense of all the current events. Unfortunately, the Seer seems to be in the shadow too. That’s never a good sign. He leaves us with a not so comforting note, “It’s True, No one can help you”. Things are stirring in the air and something big is about to go down. Not sure I’m ready for it. Until then, Happy Raiding!

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