Vikings Season 3 Episode 4 Recap! Scarred! Love! Loss! And Raiding! One Of The Most Jaw Dropping Episodes Yet!

OMG! The fourth episode of Vikings was amazing. There was fighting, love, loss, I mean I was seriously blown away.

It you haven’t watched it yet, just stop and drop everything. It was one of the best episodes of the series yet.

I love Ragnar’s throwaway line, “I don’t like you.” It’s little moments like that… compiled with amazing acting, and the fact that each character on Vikings is a well rounded person.

I feel like I’m babbling.

Check out Anushika’s recap below!

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Vikings S3E4: Scarred

Wow! Definitely an action packed episode, and for once I’m not talking about battles. I barely kept up following one jaw dropping moment after the other.

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The episode opens with Ivar crying in pain. Frustrated Aslaug seeks Harbard. Siggy gets annoyed and throw some major shade at her, “Why can’t you look after your own child” Snap! The very next second, Harbard shows up at their door and takes Ivar’s pain away. He impresses Aslaug, but Siggy still not sold. She asks the question that’s on all our minds, “Who are you? Are you God?” Harbard riddles his way out of the question. He actually believes she knows who he is or she is the closest to figuring his true identity.

Meanwhile up North, Ragnar and his crew heads back to Wessex after their victory in Mercia. Injured Porunn survives the night and hangs on to her dear life. Aethelwulf approaches Rollo and Floki in an attempt to build a bridge peace and friendship. Is there a hidden agenda, or is he honestly making an effort to unite both sides? Rollo clearly got the memo and plays along accepting his gesture. However, Floki still struggling with his spirituality gets mad at them all for being blinded by the cross. He goes as far as to question Rollo’s faith in the Gods. Rollo replies, “This is the future. There must be cooperation”. Floki believing in no harmony among the cultures, storms away yelling, “I can see that you have all drunk from the poison chalice”.

Injured Ragnar lies on the grass and gets a visit from princess Kwenthrith who claims, “I could make it better”. At first, you think you know exactly what’s about to go down, then it takes a 180 when she squats and pees on his wound. When did Ragnar get stung by a jellyfish? I know she has royal blood running through her veins, but it’s not like she got holy water coming out of there. Ragnar is more amused than disgusted and says; “Suppose I should thank you”. His smile just says it all. On a serious note, Ragnar points out Burgred’s weakness. He stresses how, “He is just a puppet and he will be your downfall”. We get to witness the sprouting of this idea planted in her head. Even though Kwenthrith looks chemically imbalanced, she is aware of Ecberts true intentions. I guess she is not completely oblivious after all. The scene ended with princess Kwenthrith crossing Ragnar off her “To Do” list.

Back in Kattegat, Aslaug leaves the children in Siggy’s care to see Harbard. She sports a serious tude when Siggy crosses her path. She has assumed the position; “Mother of the House” since Aslaug and Helga has turned into clueless teenagers. Siggy warns her about Harbard. Aslaug goes full bitch mode when she snaps, “Let go of your Queen”. Yup, she pulled that card. Once met with Harbard, he reveals that Ivar isn’t the only suffering creature in the household. It doesn’t take too long before they both end up in an empty hut and Harbard “relieve” her of her pain.

SIGGY (JESSALYN GILSIG) vikings episode 4

We get a glimpse of Siggy sitting on the throne, once owned by her. She takes a moment to reflect, the lone survivor of a life that was once filled with love and riches. Siggy is left behind with mere memories of happiness.

Pinch me! What my eyes set on next is one of the biggest jaw droppers in this series. Athelstan is finally getting it on with Princess Judith. I mean literally. No, it’s not a dream or a fantasy. I guess Judith won that battle. Her end response was questionable though; “There, it’s done”. Wow, that’s exactly what a guy wants to hear from a girl they just bedded. It’s as if she just completed one of her life goals. Nail a priest, check!

SIGGY (JESSALYN GILSIG) vikings episode 4

The troops are still on their journey back to Wessex. Burgred shows concern for his life. He believes that they will eventually murder him. Princess Kwenthrith assures him of his safety saying that they are both under Ragnar and King Ecbert’s protection. Poor bastard has no idea what lies right in front of him. Floki, who definitely escaped happiness, tries to stir up more madness. He approaches Bjorn and tries to blame Porunn’s misfortune on the Christians suggesting, “Who brought the Christ god into our lives?” No doubt, he is attacking our little Viking, Athelstan. Floki’s frustration with Ragnar, turns into hatred towards Athelstan.

King Ecbert and Lagertha are definitely on the “Friends with Benefits” tier. They enjoy their company and King Ecbert has grown so fond of her, he wants her to stay. Lagertha hasn’t forgotten her responsibilities as an Earl back home. She understands that her presence is needed. Even though she seems completely smitten, as soon as she said, “I’ve come to understand that the only person you truly care for is yourself”, you know she is sharp and very aware. Knowing Lagertha, she is probably using him as much as he is using her.

Meanwhile back in Kattegat, the kids inquires about their mom, Aslaug. Siggy’s attempt to calm them fails when they decided to run away. She senses danger and follows them. The boys are spotted walking on the frozen river. Siggy chases after them. Once on the ice, it started to crack. The next thing you know, both boys are engulfed by the river. She sprints towards them and jumps right through the cracked opening without a flinch. A hand reaches down the water and pulls one of the boys towards the surface. She follows him out of the water and her departed daughter, Thyri was waiting for her on the other side. I think that was the first time Siggy actually felt happiness ever since she lost her whole family. After holding her hand for moment, Siggy dives right back down to in search of the second child. She finds him alive and brings him up to safety. Instead of Thyri, she is welcomed by Harbard this time. The instance she realizes his true identity. No words were exchanged, just glances right before she disappeared into the icy water. Not going to lie, this was definitely a tear jerker. Oh Siggy!


On a lighter note, Aethelwulf and company are greeted with cheers back in Wessex. Aware of Judith’s discretions, King Ecbert exaggerates her loneliness in the absence of his son; “Your wife has missed you beyond endurance”. Judith looks like she has seen a ghost from the past. Ragnar questions about the new settlement. Lagertha and Ragnar both learn that they’ve been “sacrificing” themselves for the greater good. As the feasting ensues, Aethelwulf addresses Ragnar, “Hello brother” in an effort to build a friendship. However, Ragnar does not share the same sentiment when he replies, “I don’t like you” with a huge grin on his face. Speaking of faces, we get a glimpse of the massacre that occurred on Porunn’s face. Bjorn still remains faithful right by her side. Cheers to young love!

Ragnar won something, well someone more precious than the kingdom of Mercia when Athelstan decided to go back with him. King Ecbert was so not pleased when he heard Athelstan say, “My future lies with Ragnar”. Outch…Rejected! Judith isn’t too happy with his decision either and begs him to remain in Wessex claiming, “I gave myself to you”. Floki witnesses it all lurking in the darkness. Leverage against Athelstan? More ammo for his “Anti-Priest” movement.

The two kings have a Heart to heart discussing their next moves. They understand each other very well since they are equal in more than one way. Moreover, both are aware of their hidden agendas. King Ecbert and King Ragnar realize that they are good men who are totally corrupt. Complete disclosure? Good way to build an alliance.

Oh Floki! He is starting to sound like a whiny teenager. Rollo keeps tab on Floki and he finds him talking to the Gods. He claims the Gods are angry, and “I’m afraid that one day we’ll have to choose between them and your brother”. Rollo knows exactly where his loyalties stand. No need for decisions on his end.

Lagertha honestly believes in Kalf. Wow, she in in for an ugly surprise. Rollo warns her; “All men are ambitious”. In her absence, Kalf and Einar prepare themselves for battle upon Lagertha’s return. They make new allies to ensure their victory. Can’t say I’m shocked about their new alliances. It was just a matter of time, but I still believe Lagertha could take them all in a heartbeat.

We get to see another spectacle put on by Princess Kwenthrith when she cheers her brother, Burgred in front of everyone. She seems happy to rule the Kingdom of Mercia by his side. The celebration took a grim turn, when Burgred started choking to death. As soon as his face crashed into the floor, she made another toast. This time to herself, “Queen of Mercia”. Needless to say, everyone tossed their wine on to the floor. King Ecbert and Ragnar enjoyed this way too much and none of them were really shocked. Princess Kwenthrith loves Burgred, but she loves herself more. And then there was ONE!

Back in Kattegat, the ladies are still in shock. Harbard takes his leave and disappears in to thin air. He assures that Siggy is happy with her family in Valhalla. Aslaug asks the million dollar question again, “Who are you?” Harbard replies, “Just a wanderer”. Yeah, he just pretty much left us hanging.

I’m still recovering from the episode. I don’t even want to imagine what will go down next week with the return of all the warriors. Oy vey! Until next week, Happy Raiding!

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