Vikings Season Four Episode 3 Review and Recap! Mercy!

We return to Floki’s isolated screams of anguish and pain inside the cave. From excruciating cries, we move on to cries of a different sort. After being absent for an entire episode, Lagertha is back on screen. (Yay!!! *tears of joy*) She is enjoying after hour bedroom gymnastics with Kalf. Things get real serious real fast when Kalf drops the ball by spilling the three magic words; “I love you”. Lagertha didn’t quite squeal with excitement. Then again, she is not the “jump with joy” kind of a gal. Even though she was clearly touched by Kalf professing his love for her, she knew she might not bare his heir. Lagertha is once faced with the same dilemma. Unlike Aslaug, her body isn’t a baby making machine. It’s built for war and power.

Vikings season 3 episode 4 Mercy

Kalf steps out to drain the pipe and is immediately approached by Erlendur. The word of Bjorn’s solo retreat into the woods has reached Hedeby. Erlendur plots Bjorn’s assassination with Kalf. Feeling the pressure, Kalf agrees to send out a Berserker after Bjorn Lothbrok. Is this another trick, or is he being a double agent? Is Lagertha still in danger? They meet up with the massive beast of a human to seal the deal. Erlendur present him with his father’s ring for protection and safe passage. Not sure how much protection he needs, but then again he is going against a Lothbrok.

Speaking of the next in King, we see Bjorn setting up animal traps. I guess there’s only so much fish he could eat; time to switch it up a bit. He isn’t too happy when he returns back to mangled traps without any game attached to them. Bjorn realizes he is dealing with a creature much bigger than he expected. He goes after the bear and finally comes face to face with it. Safe to assume that the bear walked away spooked by the sight of Bjorn.

Vikings season 3 episode 4 Mercy

After having a rough day, Bjorn comes back to the cabin to find a barrel of ale. Let’s just say he drank his troubles away; a party of one. He was one with nature. Bjorn wakes up the next morning to his furry friend near his campsite. Sure, he showed us what happens when you get wasted on an empty stomach, but hangovers aren’t part of the Viking vocabulary. Bjorn goes after the massive beast and charges right into him without a flinch. How can you tell you are watching the Vikings? The bear eats snow and Bjorn walks away with a single scratch. He not only over powers the biggest creature in the woods, but also the harshest elements in the wild when he takes a dive head first into the icy water in his birthday suite.

Vikings season 3 episode 4 Mercy

Bjorn’s victory cry travels through the mountains into Kattegat. Ragnar’s eyes wells up with pride knowing that his son is still alive and well. It doesn’t take too long before his eyes get back to its regular scheduling; tuning on to the new slave girl of course. Ragnar continues to snap snarky remarks at Aslaug even in front of his sons. Aslaug avoids confrontation as I’m sure her cheeks haven’t forgotten about the recent events.

Vikings season 3 episode 4 Mercy

Meanwhile, we return back to the dingy cave. Poor Helga holds a bowl over Floki. The small drops weigh down the bowl weakening Helga’s endurance. She is being challenged in every human way possible, and is utterly drained physically as well as mentally. Stricken with complete exhaustion, she tries to grab a few seconds of shut eye after emptying out the bowl, but alas, Floki cries out for her in pain. Being the unconditionally devoted wife that she is, Helga goes right back to Floki and holds the bowl over his head. He apologizes to her, but she holds nothing against him. Well, just the wooden bowl over his head.

Ragnar visits Floki in the cave and instantly realizes that Floki is still in the dark about his daughter’s death. He forces Helga to come clean. If anyone, Ragnar knows the heartache of losing a child. He lost his daughter Gyda to a fever while he was out raiding.

Vikings season 3 episode 4 Mercy

Judith is yet another person dealing with loss. She attempts to find any possible information about Athelstan through the visiting monk. King Ecbert and Judith are amused by the news of Ragnar’s antics; pretending to be dead to penetrate the Frankian walls. Their love for Athelstan makes Judith and King Ecbert grow closer to each other. She gets so close that she ends up sharing his bed under one condition; to be considered his equal with the same freedom of choice.

Speaking of the adorable priest, both Ragnar and Ecbert wakes up in the dead of night and start wondering off into the darkness. They both envision Athelstan for one last time. The Kings receive answers to their struggles. King Ecbert finally finds out about Athelstan’s fate, whereas Ragnar hears nothing but one word out of the young priest; “Mercy”.

Vikings season 3 episode 4 MercyVikings season 3 episode 4 Mercy

Back in France, Rollo’s troubles in paradise continues. He makes an effort to communicate and get to know Princess Gisla, but she is repulsed by the mere sight of him. After soaking Rollo in wine, she storms out making quite a scene. Princess Gisla demands for a divorce. With no one else to turn to, Rollo’s frustration grows. He is all alone in a foreign land with no option of returning back. Rollo has to make this arrangement work in order to survive. Count Odo approaches him to secure France’s defenses. France needs Rollo just as much. Both parties are in need of each other desperately. In means of making it work, Rollo requests a teacher to learn French. An open line of communication could bridge the gap between him and Princess Gisla. However, Rollo’s first lesson doesn’t go too smoothly. His teacher ends up with an awful headache.

After freezing their butts off in the wild, Aethelwulf safely returns to Wessex with Magnus and Queen Kwenthrith. He might stay quiet, but Aethelwulf isn’t blind towards Judith’s indiscretions. He finds comfort in Queen Kwenthrith’s bed instead. Who can blame him for not wanting to be with a wife who sleeps with his own father?

Vikings season 3 episode 4 Mercy

This week ends with Ragnar finally freeing Floki of his bounds not necessarily forgiving him, but showing him mercy for Helga’s sake. In death, Athelstan still continues to save people’s lives; even when it’s the one who cost his own.

Vikings season 3 episode 4 Mercy

Bjorn won a battle today, but is there a bigger fight waiting for him? How will Judith and Ecbert move forward now that Athelstan is gone? Will Floki and Helga be accepted back into the community? How many tutors will get banged up before Rollo gets the hang of French? The countdown begins for episode four.

Until next week, Happy Raiding!

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