Wait… The X-Men Are Coming To The Small Screen? Is A New Television Series In The Works?

Sha wha?

Superheroes are the in thing right now and without being in the middle of superhero overload, it looks like another franchise is hitting the small screen.


According to BleedingCool, it looks like FOX is taking their X-Men franchise to the television screens. Now, this is just a rumor but more than likely it’s going to happen.

The X-Men franchise has sort of hit the live action television series circuit before. There was Mutant X, Generation X, and some other knock off X-Men series. This would be the first official X-Men series, and I kind of think it might be an interesting concept.

x-men: Days of Future past logo

I don’t know if Wolverine, Jean Grey, or anyone else from the original franchise will be either in or recast for the new project.

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