Throwback Thurs! Westworld FYC Panel! Meeting Thandie Newton! Evan Rachel Wood! Jeffrey Wright! James Marsden! And More!

With Westworld back on the small screen, I thought it was the perfect subject for Throwback Thurs! 

This was such a fun day, I got to hang with Lisa-Lisa and Scotty The Music Man and more. 

Check out the recap below!



Westworld is one of my favorite series on television right now.

It’s really well done and one of the best sci-fi series on the air right now.

Lisa-Lisa and I were lucky enough to be invited to a panel with the cast and crew including:

Jonathan Nolan, co-creator, executive producer, director
Lisa Joy, co-creator, executive producer, director
Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores
Thandie Newton as Maeve
Ed Harris as Man in Black
Jeffrey Wright as Bernard
James Marsden as Teddy

The panel was excellent and sadly lacking in spoilers. I am okay with spoilers, I’m just going to say it right here and right now.

Everyone on the panel was heaping praise on the series and I don’t blame them. Just when you think you know something about the series it gets ruined on its head.

That’s the sign of good television.

After the panel, security was just horrendous and was like, “No autographs!” and was screaming at people.

They brought up people row by row though to get pictures which was cool though.

Ed Harris said he had to leave and bolted.

The rest of the cast was very nice.

Evan Rachel Wood stayed and did pics

Evan Rachel Wood with fans Westworld FYC Panel Season 2 Thandie Newton with fans 0016

I was really stoked to get Thandie Newton who is tough to get. She was adorbs.

Thandie Newton with fans Westworld FYC Panel Season 2 Thandie Newton with fans 0016

James Marsden is a very nice guy as well.

James Marsden with fans Westworld FYC Panel Season 2 Thandie Newton with fans 0016

We waited outside to see if we could get some people on the way out to sign.

Thandie Newton, James Marsden, Jeffrey Wright and Lisa Joy came over so at least I got a decent start on my second season Westworld poster.

It wasn’t the night I was expecting but it turned out pretty damn good.

Until next time kids…

Westworld season 2 signed autograph poster thandie newton james marsden evan rachel wood psa

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