What to Write About Yourself in Tinder: Guide for Guys

It is hardly possible to surprise anyone with flirting, let alone acquaintance on social networks. However, young people continue to make fundamental mistakes when communicating with the opposite sex on social networks. Someone scares off potential partners with excessive straightforwardness, someone, on the contrary, blocks their own path to happiness with shyness. Therefore, speaking about flirting on the web, it is important to remember that the happy medium is appropriate here.


Nowadays, there are a sufficient number of platforms for dating and communication with Ukrainian women in the virtual space. Everyone can easily choose any of them that will fully meet their needs. Tinder is one of the most popular modern apps for such purposes. Its undeniable advantages include:


  • convenience;
  • user-friendly interface;
  • millions of profiles of people who really want to meet;
  • geolocation search, the radius of which can be set independently.

tinder for guys

Don’t forget that the information “About Me” in your profile requires special attention. It’s good if it is a literate, laconic text with a bit of self-irony. So, you will be able to stand out from the mass of people who want to meet and create a little intrigue that encourages acquaintance. Below are provided examples of the most successful presentation messages that will allow you to attract the interest of the opposite sex from the first minute.

What to Write About Yourself

  • I do solemnly swear to look in the same direction with you in all joint photos!
  • I have some eye problems. Therefore, I prefer tactile contacts.
  • I prefer relationships based on trust and honesty. Therefore, girls on whose pictures there is at least one filter, please do not disturb!
  • There is an opinion that the sexier the guy, the less you can trust him. Well, you know how reliable I am.
  • I can easily meet even the most insane expectations.
  • I will always live on my own terms. But with your corrections.
  • Far from perfect, but I don’t tell lies!
  • I don’t like millionaires, but I plan to become one of them soon.
  • Don’t stare at my profile too long and silently. Doubt steals pleasure!
  • I got to this site against my will. Oh, beautiful stranger, come and set me free!
  • I prefer beautiful friends and smart enemies.
  • I am often wrong about people, although I was an excellent student at school.
  • The egoist and the altruist perfectly coexist in me.

tinder for guys

  • I hardly know the feeling of jealousy. But still, I strongly advise against checking this.
  • I’ll show you the path to the seventh heaven!
  • I was definitely a prince in my previous life. Otherwise, how else can I explain my attraction to fairy-tale characters?
  • In fact, my IQ is slightly above average. It’s just that the glasses suit me very much.


So, having registered and created an ideal profile, in your opinion, experienced pick-up artists advise you to immediately proceed to action. After all, who knows, perhaps today just a couple of swipes separates you from a fateful acquaintance?


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