Book Beat and the Wildcard blog tour! This book duo is perfect for fans of Ready Player One, Overwatch, Alias and more!

The sequel and conclusion to Warcross, one of my favorite books of last year is almost here! Wildcard drops on September 18 so that gives you about a week to (re-)read Warcross! Not sure if this is a series for you? Will if you’re a fan of any of the following, you’ll want to nab a copy!

Here’s the official description of Warcross:

For the millions who log in every day, Warcross isn’t just a game–it’s a way of life. The obsession started ten years ago and its fan base now spans the globe, some eager to escape from reality and others hoping to make a profit. Struggling to make ends meet, teenage hacker Emika Chen works as a bounty hunter, tracking down Warcross players who bet on the game illegally. But the bounty-hunting world is a competitive one, and survival has not been easy. Needing to make some quick cash, Emika takes a risk and hacks into the opening game of the international Warcross Championships–only to accidentally glitch herself into the action and become an overnight sensation.

Convinced she’s going to be arrested, Emika is shocked when instead she gets a call from the game’s creator, the elusive young billionaire Hideo Tanaka, with an irresistible offer. He needs a spy on the inside of this year’s tournament in order to uncover a security problem . . . and he wants Emika for the job. With no time to lose, Emika’s whisked off to Tokyo and thrust into a world of fame and fortune that she’s only dreamed of. But soon her investigation uncovers a sinister plot, with major consequences for the entire Warcross empire.

Trust me, it’s terrific. Not sure yet? Let me break this into other fandoms…


Start with Ready Player One…

Warcross is the set in a future where virtual reality unites the world. Like the Oasis, the world of Warcross is without limits so it makes for some crazy game play. Also, the genius creator of the VR is a mysterious and critical part of the story and the fate of the VR world is on the line.


…add a little Overwatch…

If you enjoyed the recent Overwatch: Capture the Rooster event, you’ll love the game of Warcross which has a similar premise: grab the other team’s flag/crystal, before the grab yours.


…sprinkle in a dash of Inception…

Warcross uses a team of players that steal and hijack the world of the game with their skills and minds. (Think of the fast heist-fun of Inception.)


…put in a few Bounty Hunters…

Emika Chen makes her living tracking down players wanted for Warcross-related crimes. It’s a cutthroat life with other bounty hunters also chasing down the lucrative big offenders. (No girlie screams if jet-packs go off accidentally.)

star-wars-boba-fett Star Wars is going to be making a grand splash at the multiplex with the new trilogy, stand alone films, etc... has the full scoop that one of the standalone films is going to focus on Boba Fett... I know shocking... But I think that’s the most logical character to branch out from. But the really cool news is that the film is going to be written by Lawrence Kasdan who wrote the best of the original trilogy. Boba Fett is clearly a fan favorite character and deserves his own stand alone film. Apparently, the new stand alone film will take place between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back. Since Boba Fett dies in Return of the Jedi that makes sense. Or they could write in the fact that he’s not really dead and continue from there, but my money is on the former.


…stir the pot with some Sydney Bristow from Alias…

Like Sydney Bristow, Emika is a tough and resourceful woman (with great hair). The mysterious head of the Tanaka Corporation hires Emika to hunt down a potential security issue — another player in the annual Warcross tournament. She goes undercover as a Warcross  player and tries to unravel the conspiracy from within.


…and plate it like you’re swept into the world of Crazy Rich Asians!

In Warcross, Hideo sweeps Emika into a new world. She goes from counting pennies for food into a world of wealth and sponsorships with every resource at her fingertips. It’s a heady new lifestyle which is fun to explore.

Also, any of these guys would make a great (slightly older) Hideo in a movie of this series.


A potent mix with plenty of reasons to start this duology, right?

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Then submit proof of your Wildcard pre-order for some additional goodies!

Happy reading!

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