Throwback Thurs! Will Smith Goodness! The Hitch Star Was Awesome To Fans At The Concussion Q And A! With Albert Brooks! David Morse! And More!

With his new movie Aladdin about to drop in theaters, I thought this would be a perfect time to do a Throwback Thurs on Will Smith!

Such a cool guy! And a fun night out!

Check it out below!

The new film Concussion has been taking the world by storm. I have heard that it was amazing, and am really excited to see it. They had a q and a, which sadly I couldn’t get into. Doh!

So, Billy, Scotty and I headed to the venue to see if we can get Will Smith and his Concussion co-star Albert Brooks outside.

We arrived and spoke with the security guard who was super cool. We ended up just talking for a bit. Shockingly there weren’t any other collectors here yet.

As time was ticking out a few people arrived including MTF Reader Joe.

I brought my I Am Legend and Hitch mini posters as well as my Finding Nemo poster for Albert Brooks.

Will Smith arrived and he was going in and then ran over to sign for the eight of us. He was so kind. He signed about two each and then came around the gate and took photos with each of us. He was so cool and very chill.

It was pretty freakin epic I have to say.

Will Smith signing autographs concussion q and a 9

Then, MTF Reader Joe spotted someone going inside the front. He ran over and came back a minute later with David Morse. He was so good in 12 Monkeys and Scotty was dying to get him on his contact poster.

David Morse signing autographs concussion q and a 1

Joe told us that David was inside, and came out to talk with Joe and then walked around with Joe just to meet up with us. How awesome is that?

David Morse signing autographs concussion q and a 1

Then Albert Brooks arrived. He was just… Very Albert Brooks like. LOL. He wouldn’t do photos but was happy to sign. I was happy he came on over.

Albert Brooks signing autographs concussion q and a 3

Albert Brooks signing autographs concussion q and a 3Albert Brooks signing autographs concussion q and a 3

It was a fun easy night and luckily there were only a handful of us there!

Until next time kids…

Will Smith signed autograph I am legend poster

Will Smith signed autograph Hitch poster

albert brooks signed finding nemo poster

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