Super Star Saturday! Is Will Smith One? Does His Actions At The Academy Awards Tarnish The Experiences And Memories?

Super Star Saturday – Is Will Smith One?

July 16, 2022

By: Scott

Prior to the 2022 Academy Awards, Will Smith was out and about being honored for his role in King Richard.  Will has always been fan friendly, and while he was out during awards season, he was as fan friendly as ever.  He greeted fans, signed autographs, and took selfies.  I was able to get him to sign my albums and was thrilled.

Since the incident during the Academy Awards, I have wondered if I should even post about the interaction prior to the show.  The questions I have posed to myself and others: Once an actor has made a poor decision, does it tarnish all the good things and memories you had of them prior to an incident?  Can you still enjoy the autograph the same way?  I wonder what everyone feels.  Please post your thoughts in the comments.  

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