Susan Meets The God Of Thunder AKA Chris Hemsworth! Frank Grillo! Robert Englund! And More At Wizard World Cleveland!

I’ve been hitting the convention trail lately. It’s a fun getaway and for a double February birthday celebration, why not, right?

Anushika and I headed to Cleveland for Wizard World. I have yet to meet the dashing Chris Hemsworth who plays Thor and he was headlining the event.

We survived the worst airline in history – Spirit – and landed in one piece. We stayed at an awesome, vintage hotel downtown and then battled the bitter cold to walk to the convention center for some much needed fun.

I got my long awaited photo op with Chris – yay! Boy, they moved that line quickly, and no fun poses were allowed. Just in, hi, snap, bye! It’s a great photo though so well worth it!

chris hemsworth fan photo Wondercon Cleveland2

I also got one of my favorites, Frank Grillo, who’s soon to become a household name given his talent and larger role in the Captain America series. Shika and I combed the convention floor looking for a Crossbones item and nada! We finally spotted a cool card stock print with Cap, Crossbones, Hawkeye and Falcon. The artist also signed it for free, so we each grabbed one and headed to meet Frank.

Unfortunately, Frank had a family emergency and had to leave the con early, cancelling his photo op (for which I had a ticket), but we luckily got him before he left. He’s so sweet! Plus we got a great photo op anyway.

Frank Grillo fan photo Wondercon Cleveland2

frank grillo signed autograph crossbones lithograph

Shika got to meet the one and only Mr. Freddy Krueger – Robert Englund himself. What a nice guy. Doesn’t rush his fans and talks your ear off. We got a great photo of him before we left.

robert englund signing autographs Wondercon Cleveland4

We also took some time from the con to visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame which was a blast!

rock and roll hall of fame Wondercon Cleveland5

The nice thing about visiting cons in other cities/states is the different vendors. Being in the LA area, we see the same vendors at every venue and it gets a bit stale. This time, I was able to pick up some merchandise I haven’t seen before, like an awesome Star Trek art print I’ll be holding on for Mr. William Shatner to sign.

Wondercon Cleveland 6

See you at the next convention!

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