Wondercon 2019 Recap! Big Mike Cons and Chills In Anaheim! Cosplay! Photos! And More!

What’s up, kiddies? Big Mike here with word from this year’s WonderCon in Anaheim. I missed this con the last couple of years and was happy to be back. I went on Sunday and I decided to just take it chill this year. (This philosophy has been working out well for me lately.) I brought a friend who had never been to a con before and I felt that WonderCon would be a great first con for someone.

This is what Comic-Con used to be before the studio and corporate hoopla filled up the aisles and you couldn’t get from one end of the floor without walking through layers of cosplayer b.o. and nerd farts. (Not complaining, I’d love to go back now that I can’t.)

It was nice to just walk each aisle a couple of times and not have the pressure of autograph signings on one end and panels upstairs on the other side. No real pressure. I actually took time to check out more art of the costumes and the displays.

I even bought some comics! What the hell is going on here? I even did that at the last Comic-Con. I don’t even know me anymore. Normally I frown upon folks stopping the aisles up to take pictures with the costumed, but not as big an issue at this nicely sized con.

I highly recommend WonderCon. It has panels you can get into, a great lot of vendors and many things you can’t always see at Comic-Con. While it’s still easy to find cool stuff to spend your hard earned cash it’s a little easier to shop around and compare. I even bought my first sketched Spider-Man comic. I even got a pic with Peter Smith, the artist of said comic. Cool!

I had a lot of fun with the displays and my buddy Tony was kind enough to take a lot of pics for me. Enjoy the pics and keep an eye out for WonderCon next March. You won’t be disappointed. Also, remember to stay outta my way. Party on!

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